Published on October 16, 2017 (Updated on October 31, 2017)

3 Headed Ghast Boss Add-on

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Ugh it says download doesn’t work
is there a way to make the Ghast boss only target players, i have tried doing it myself but it keeps reverting back to targeting monsters and undead
I thought it was gonna fire 25 fireballs but it only fires 1 fireball at a time
The Ghast (vex) flys weird and the legs doesn't move like a real ghast.
What was wrong with the blaze?
Its not spider creeper its a creeder
Plzzz make a nerf addon that would be awesome
You should make it spawn ghasts.
dabestawesomeguy567 October 19, 2017 at 9:13 pm
I want it so bad but behavior packs dont work on 1.2 beta D:
This is a really cool add-on but, could you make it where the Ghast Boss drops items instead of nothing
Hi julien, its frederick.... i really love youre addon so you know the deal..... 5 STAR!!!!!!
Woo hoo!!!!!
So good but why does it turn strange when I have 3 add one and I need GodzillA addon, three headed ghast addon, and backstab addon so they can fight plz help me
because of the models.json. If you go and edit the models.json and delete all the not needed mobs geometrees,then disable and re-enable the addons.
Please turn the three head GHAst into wither because I like keeping originals and the tail of the wither boss kinda moves like the ghast tentacle so you can turn it into a tentacle
awesome and cool i am adding this to my minecraft sim