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Published on November 19, 2014 (Updated on November 19, 2014)

3424: Huge Village

Seed ID

i went toward the direction in the photo and ive kept going for 30 minutes forward then 30 minutes back to double check and i still dont see it can you give the coordinates of the village so i can get there ive been looking FOREVER!!
mamaMOOSE is the best seed ever
Is it for minecraft 1.5
nice seed, took a while to find though
Use the seed " mamaMOOSE " for the biggest village ever! It also has a cave right next to where u spawn with diamonds and gold in it. And the best part is u spawn right at the village so u dont have to travel to get there. Trust me...its the best
Forgot to say thanks for posting this seed. This is the biggest village I've seen in Minecraft!
Check out "johnny appleseed" ;D
There is a fairly large mineshaft below the big village, with lots of coal and iron but also a few chests with interesting stuff including golden apples and lapis. Beware of the two spider nests, these spawn cave spiders that can poison you.
finally find it nice.
Awesome Seed great find!!
Is there got wolf in seed 3424
You put 3434 as the seed, (which has a really cool mountain range in it) but in the video it is 3424
Nice find. Thanks Bob. Fixed it.