365 MEGAVerse Series - Dodo Add-on

Dodo Add-on adds a simple thing, Dodo!

Dodo is an Extinct Bird that only lived in one Island near Madagascar. They became extinct when sailors landed on the Island and started adding Pigs & other livestock.

365 MEGAVerse is a Series that follows the Story of 9(2) or Kyuu Anticipation Desperation. The Series is full of Questions to behold, and has been Written as a Fascinating Story that will be Anticipated by the Main Character, but will also Forget.This is a Small part of the Main Add-on called the “365 MEGAVerse Series Add-on”.


Collision Box:

Width - 0.75
Height - 0.75


Adult Male: 15HP
Adult Female: 10HP
Baby: 8HP


Feathers: 2-4Q
Raw Dodo: lootable by Enchantment


Will only Follow you holding Seeds
Can be tamed using the following Items:
Sweet Berries
Glow Berries
(Other Fruits & Vegetables only available in Main Add-on)


Will now follow you when holding Tameable Items
Starts Following the Owner when 5 metres away.

Gender Differences

You can only find White Male & Gray Female Dodo's in the Wild.
Adult Male Size: 1.1
Adult Female Size: 0.9


Adult Males can Drop 1-7 Exp


Adult Females can drop 1-3 Exp
Can produce Eggs for 10-20 minutes


has 50/50 chance of hatching Baby Dodo
Rare chance getting Twins!

Farming Information

Use Male Dodo's as a Food Source of Meat,
while you can use Female Dodo's to produce More Eggs!

Other Information

Dodo's aren't scared of anything, the reason is because they never had to, until Humans Arrived.
They're Curious & Friendly, they can fill your Stomach but their meat doesn't taste splendid.
Dodo's can be found in Warm Beaches in groups of 2-6

Foxes have a chance to hold Dodo Eggs & will eat any lying Raw or Cooked Dodo
Fletcher Loot can have a Dodo Egg
Throwing Dodo Eggs are not as far as Chicken Eggs
You can't be crafted for Cakes, Pies, or any other egg related Ingredient needed, reason is because... Well, do you want to taste your Cake or Beaver Pie to be like burnt Fruits & Shells?
Wild Wolves will Kill Dodo's while you can feed your tamed Wolves Raw & Cooked Dodo
Butchers will want to trade Raw Dodo's

Preview Image of Next Add-on

Before the 6th Century Europe Add-on:


Here is a Link to a Preview of the Dracan Add-on! You can say it's like a Trailer too.


6th Century Europe Add-on Coming Really Soon!

Prepareth f'r hippogriffs! dracans! knights & soldi'rs! and the goddess & the st'rm!

Select version for changelog:


Added more Information to a New Add-on Set to Release soon before the 6th Century Add-on!

The Dracan Add-on shall prepare you with a Land that shall be Challenging. Maybe the Dracan Add-on is the First Phase & Stage for the 6th Century Europe Add-on! Who knows!


Installation in Worlds

Enable the Experimental Options with:

Holiday Creator Feature
Additional Modding Capabilities
(Creation of Custom Biomes if it's in Main Add-on)

Languages Available in the following List:

Great Britain (British English) | Greut Britania
Japan (日本語) | Tyanoa
Germany (Deutsch) | Germinand
Greece (Greek) | Greut Griik
France (French) | Franzia
Indonesia (Indonesian)
Italy (Italian) | Italia
Korea (Korean) | Koryn
Poland (Polish) | Polanind
Russia (Русский) | Russinand
China (Traditional Chinese) | Zscheinia
Taiwan (Simplified Chinese) | Taiwan Zscheinia
America (American) | Amerinandia

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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th tyn ub nt byn byn
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I was hoping they would breathe fire
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Mertholamew The II June 14, 2021 at 1:09 am
It seems that the MCAddon Dropbox & Mediafire Links aren't working, or at least that they failed to import 'Unknown Pack Name'.
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How come does it work not for you? I checked, it worked for Mediafire, I might have to fix the Dropbox ones. And also I'll have to update the Add-on because I just remembered the Pack Icon was not added to here yet, so I have to do stuff.
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Same issue for me, sadly
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Thanks mate! I also realized I forgot to put a Pack Icon for the Add-on so I'll fix that shortly!
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