3D Batman Armor Next Gen

Join the justice leque and become a hero like The Dark knight, the man of steel, Wonder woman and The flash .

Trow a lightning bolt Like the Flash and trow a batarang like The Dark Knight. This is 3d Justice leque armor next gen.

 k  You have 4 sorts of armor 

1. The Dark Knight:

2. The Man Of Steel:

3. The Flash:

4. Wonder woman:

The Flash, have a special version of his armor. Grab a couldron and fill it whit water than put white dye in it and put leather chest plate in put it on and now you have lightning stripes

Steps :

You also have some Subpacks


you get batarang

the flash you get lightning bolt

Wonder woman (i need to add sorry)

I just remodelt the armor and gave it a texture

This uses only a rescource pack not a behavior pack so its survival achievments friendly

(If you want me to make a tutorual on this i wil make a video (only if you say you want a tutorial))

I know thats this is not a addon i just selected it becaus there will be one soon so when i am gonna update this it will be not confusing like

Huh he made a addo.  but its submittedas texturepack

Dont change any model of texture it will break the addon/rescourcepack.
Dont say that its your own addon
you are allowed to use it (but dont claim it as yours)

(the shader i used is cspe vannila netease 2.0.0 (paid))

Select version for changelog:


added mcpacl file and zip so you can choose :) 



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Coolbatmanflashboyyummy August 20, 2021 at 2:02 am
Love this
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This addon looks amazing its just that the superhero's look kind of weird
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