3D Combat Addon

This addons goal is to provide a better combat experience it does this by adding better animations, new weapons and special mechanics to weapons with each type of weapon having a unique use



the katana dual wielding bug still not fixed( this is the second update it is not fixed its really hard to fix )

New thing: you now need to use skill scroll for the dodge to work 

New experimental toggles needed


Added the ability to use animations for other addons weapons by putting tag:minecraft:is_(weapon type)

improved first person animations and overall attack animations

added the ability to switch to combat mode and normal mode using subpacks


A exhaust and cooldown system

to the sidebar you see the exhaust and to the middle of your hotbar you see the cooldown timer

if exhaust reaches lower than 10 you will be given weakness and slowness

The Weapon types:

Longswords: heavy damage weapon available in the normal weapon materials

Spears: low damage but enough to kill an animal 

has a dash/sprint attack

now throwable

Lances: massive weapon with high attack deals more damage when on a horse or sprinting

Katanas: is a straight blade with one curved edge does than normal damage 

wakizashi has new specoal charged ability

weapon has two variants the wakizashi and the uchi you can equip uchi on off hand d wakizashi on main to get an effect like this:

odachi: a long katana with normal damage

abilities: using it while not sneaking give 2 strikes ability which lets the first strike stun the enemy the second strike makes the enemy bleed to death


using it while sneaking spawns a strong slash

Longbows: long charge higher damage than normal bow needs arrow off hand to shoot 

why use it? 

it doesnt require arrows it depends only on your exhaust

Sabers: because of its curvature it does more damage than normal blades 

can block enemy attacks by sneaking 

has the ability to give strength upon use

Daggers: normal weapon normal damage 

has a special assasinate mechanic that lets you one shot or highly damage something when sneaking whilst invisible

can be held in the off hand for a bonus dagger damage

Katar: fast attack speed does more damage than dual wielded daggers when dual wielded

dual wielded grants the wielder an ability to charge strike

Pole Hammer: medium attack speed medium damage nothing special yet

has an area attack special

Greatsword: slow attack speed high damage and it can hit multiple targets

has a spin charge attack

Bec de corbin: only available in iron it has two modes(craft to switch) 

and it also has a sprint attack

Maces : fair damage 

stuns enemies(gives em slowness upon hit)

lower damage on horseback


Halberd : dual wielded

balanced damage weapon with a lunge attack 

equipping it will make your offhand unusable and if you have a shield it will give it back(only shield work for now)

Glaive : one handed 

fairly balanced weapon with jump damage boost and sprint damage boost

has multiple strike animations

Zweihander: its all enemies in front has a long attack range 

combat mode fully integrated

to activate wear no armor and hold no item


Select version for changelog:


long range is now ran in the weapon (previously ran on controller tag)
increased katana(normal) and decreased wakizashi damage
decommisioned longbow
swapped wakizashi and katana textures
fixed odachi abilities not working

added no cooldown links again(neglected previously)


Upon adding the addon to your world make sure that you turn on all experimental gameplay options except caves and cliffs, gametest framework, and  creation of custom biomes

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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I'm really loving this addon although I've been having trouble having it work in realms, even with the "Server" setting activated. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but I'm just curious as to whether or not anyone else has managed to get this working in a server.
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Hey, it's me again! I have a few more weapon suggestions for you.

1. Escrima: Fighting Sticks, can be blocked with, and offer higher defense while dual wielding

2. Bo Staff: Similar properties to escrima, but attacks slower with higher damage

3. Tomahawk: Small throwable axe that inflicts high damage but has high gravity

4. Hidden Blade: This weapon requires you to use its ability button to unsheathe the blade, and it has fairly basic stats once unsheathed. Its specialty, however, comes in that if any mob is VERY close to the player when the weapon is activated, they recieve huge damage. For design, think of Assassin's Creed.

5. Brass Knuckles: Essentially the same as fists, but with higher damage, and maybe a flurry attack.

6. Rapier: Very fast, low damage sword with a lunge attack

7. Sickle: Brutal, long cooldown, high damage, includes an attack with a forward leap.

8. Potentially an early version of a gun? Could be flintlock and musket, with the flintlock being the two handed option and the flintlock the one handed option. Both would have absurdly long cooldowns, and the musket would do higher damage, though the flintlock could be wielded alongside a different weapon in the other hand. (If you haven’t noticed, I'm a Bloodborne fan)

9. Whip: This might be difficult to animate, but it could temporarily stun enemies on hit, with a decently long cooldown.

8. Flail: Basically a higher damage, no-stun version of the whip

9. Spiked Shield: Raises defense, has some attack value, and has a charging bash
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Is this compatible with other addons
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I can’t even see the weapons on console, is this just a me issue or maybe it’s just my settings I dunno
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Mod still quite as great since it's release, though that Katar sneak attack thing crashes my game though, making it lose progress. Any updates about bug fixes?
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Ae tome suas estrelas:)
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A oi queria saber se eu posso usar sua addon para o meu servidor ele esta em faze de densevolvimento eu posso usar?
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How to use Dodge scroll?
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can you update th addon fighting mining pls just like the java
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Addon works as intended. Weapon animations are awesome 😊
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Very good addon, it spices up combat quite a bit, even in singleplayer. However, for some odd reason, the longbow is uncraftable, and doesn't actually shoot arrows. What I mean by that is, it allows me to draw it, shows the charge, takes stamina when releasing, but when the charge IS released, no arrow is shot. It's not invisible either, it just never shoots arrows, making the longbow useless.
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Umm hello pixel umm i have a little request and one question?
Request: can you like RP And BP it pls?
Question:is this mod only for java?
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Resource pack won't stay on!!! I can't see any skin!!!!!! the animations look cool, but whats the point of them if you can't see your skin!!!! :(
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im looking into it sorry for the inconvinience
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I've had the same problem as well. Started a new world with just this addon and it didnt seem to stay on. That being said, I'll be patiently waiting for a fix. I really do love the animations and weapon variety
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and the resource pack won't won't stay activated.
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I can't see my character
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