Published on December 09, 2017 (Updated on December 09, 2017)

3D Lightsaber Addon

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Can i use this for a pvp map pls
I so love the fact that the 3D light sabers in third person view really go inside my skin though I will say this the 3D light sabers look nice modeled as a HEAD (causes issues when placed) if only the creator would know where to hold a light saber like in your fucking HANDS. If anyone below was scammed your an idiot for clicking on the wrong links blame the creator for using adfly, that's my review DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS BAD ADDON.
FUCKING SCAMS GET HACKED AND DESTROYED too bad for this person the one who created this because you have been reported for this
liar liar pants on fire
Update the add on so it can let version 1.14
Guest-9956258065 May 20, 2020 at 4:11 am
I can't download why because its ad fly >:(
Im pretty sure its Linkvertise.
Just accept the ad fly and allow notifications and you will be brought to the site to download I hate adfly too
I always accidentally place it?
then press the pause button go to where the crown is on your name and press it then scroll down to where it says place and mine blocks and tick it off
Can you do the same thing with the portal gun from portal 2? 3D model it into a Mob head
Best addon ever!!
more like trash addon ever
Best Addon ever! did you konow theres a han solo movie coming out? and a boba fett and a lando carrisian!
Notch his real name is Markus Persson
ok so I cant get the lightsabor to look like i'm holding it... it just stays on my back. can you fix please?
Now it is I just Wear it
Hi it is not working
This is great!
Really Nice Addon Love it <3
Here's an idea. Maybe you could make a 3D Star Wars blaster that fires arrows or eggs?