Published on November 27, 2020 (Updated on November 27, 2020)

4 Villages, 3 Biomes, Mine, Ruined Portal (Seed)

This seed contains several structures and biomes near the spawn!
Good seed to start your advanced and faster survival!
Beware of the pillagers' post, they can attack you, go prepared!
Portal of the nether almost built and great!
beautiful villages for you to live!

One of the most complete seeds I've ever posted here!


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Thx for all <3

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Under the Small Village: -247, 66, 1002, there is a mineshaft and a stronghold together
That desert village is right next to an ice biome. and has mutated the plains.
Also I noticed the desert village has 2 blacksmiths!
How to download?
My dear friend when u make a new world you have to scroll down on settings and then it gives u an option to add a seed and then u put this seed in it