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Published on September 04, 2015 (Updated on September 04, 2015)

416783464: Lava Island

The spawn is on one of the smaller islands which is scattered around the main island which is much larger. It's on the main island in the center which you will find the pool of lava too. All in all, it's a quite flat island with not much trees but quite a bit of animals. So there's enough space to build your house and perhaps a larger city on the island.

Seed: 416783464

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The island is smaller than it is in the picture and the lava lake is not there.
Thanks mah dude I really really need lava so I can make a nether portal without any diamond pickaxe
I have 0.12.1 and this seed works wonderfully, except that the lava pool is not there. I have checked and double-checked and everything in the picture is identical to my world except for the lava lake. This is mildly disapppointing, as the lava pool was the reason I used this seed in the first place.