Published on August 02, 2017

50 Banner Crafting Ideas [Creation] (1.2 Beta Only)

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I mean the banners are great and easy to make but the name says fifty banners but their is only forty eight banners what happened to the other banners
It is useless if it doesn't show us how to make it I mean some people don't know how to make any of these (I am not talking about me I made all 50 of these 10 times) show them how to make it
hey there a video been made
have a nice day
RobotixGamerMCPEYT August 03, 2017 at 8:16 am
Really Cool!!
Please tell me how tk make 1 of these ☺
Please tell me how to* make 1 of these ☺
I can tell you how to do the castle banner you need four light gray dye,one white banner,one brick,one dark green dye,six coco beans,and eight ink sacks so first get your banner and light gray dye and put two at the bottom and the other two at the top and middle and the banner anywhere craft than your bricks and banner and cactus green anywhere craft than put your eight ink sacks at the edge like your crafting a chest made of ink sacks and put the banner in the middle craft than make your beans all six at the bottom and craft boom you made the castle banner
These were really cool!
I actually made all the 50 banners and now my eyes hurt.
That's cool I like all the different designs so u get 5 stars
Oh man I love the new update. If you have any questions about it, you should check out my video.
I tell you everything you need to know about it.
I love banners and this is very helpful
Very Helpful Thanks.
Wow this was fast.
Man I am really happy that the beta is on Windows 10 Edition! :)