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Published on July 15, 2014 (Updated on July 15, 2014)

805967637: Stronghold Under a Village

For quite a bit have we been looking for a seed which got a stronghold. Sure, many probably has but it's always a hassle finding something that's hidden underneath the ground.

To get to the actual stronghold all you've got to do is to locate the well and then dig straight down and soon you'll find yourself there.

Seed: 805967637

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that's naturally worth seed.
for the 3rd layer, stronghold has not so many rooms, like only 1 crossroad, tho...
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I found it! I looked arownd for a while but all I found lootwise was some paper and compasses. It was still super creepy though!
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All I found was a woodland mansion or something so far
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I rediscovered this again recently when I recovered backed up minecraft world's from an old tablet. Out of interest I tried the seed in 1.2.9 and it works exactly the same again! Great seed thanks to the Editor.

If you want to teleport into the stronghold it starts @ 756, 48, 46, Also there's a library @ 813, 36, 47.

I still haven't found the portal room yet.

There is a small mineshaft not that far from the Stronghold. However there's a much bigger Mineshaft at 32, 25, 254. It is under the sea so probably easier just to teleport there and back. ( I found it using the locate command )

An other interesting discovery in this world; A large island covered in Birch trees, could be good for survival, @ 6350, 71, 5922. You need to cross a large ocean to get to the island so flying or teleporting is probably best unless you fancy a very long boat journey!
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I found it!!
Keep on looking guys!!
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The stronghold in the well!!!
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dude this did not work...i have been looking for a seed that would give me a strong hold for a long time and it's really annoying when people lie
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Hi i just read and i already found a seed like this years ago
Its called FreeLifeStop
It youst to work and it was easy to find portal but now theres no well just a odd stone Brick tower with to levels is it a glitch or a developer idea to tell us that were not supossed to know were the portal is
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i think there is a glitch because it is just a stone brick tower now no stronghold I LOVED THE SEEDS WITH STRONGHOLDS!

oh and tell me if this happened 2 u too
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I'm at the bottom of the stair case but I can't find the stronghold. Can any of you help me out?
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The end portals sometimes spawn with an eye of ender... But you cannot collect it ?
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Does anyone know a good dungeon seed
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Look here:
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I found a stronghold too. The seed is simply 4. Here, you spawn in a medium sized biome in the middle of the ocean. The stronghold's entrance is through a ravine. As soon as u spawn just go to the right where you will see 2 entrances to the ravine. Take the left one. Make sure you dig the flow of the water towards it. When you fall into the ravine, there is also a lava flow just next to the new water flow. Then there is already a chest outside the stronghold which supplies five iron ingots and a gold horse armour. To enter break the iron window. I found this place as I was findin for seeds of the mushroom biome. Good luck. Pls reply.
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I found it it has two library's I really wish that you could activate the portal though
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