Published on May 24, 2021

Achievement Friendly Survival World

Looking for a new type of place to have a survival world on?

Well, good news! This world fits the bill perfectly. Not only do you get to enjoy a beautifully crafted survival map, but you can also get achievements in this world! (You can check by pressing the enable cheats button, as it will say "Are you sure you want to enable cheats, Achievements will no longer be allowed in this world"), meaning that you can indeed get achievements. 

Just imagine the possibilities, as well as the sheer coolness!


Installation Guides

you fucking lier it does not work for 1.14
Tfvniourneiwjahcbfvhrefd May 26, 2021 at 9:27 pm
chill out kid worked for me and im on 1.14 so your doing something wrong Also GREAT job with this map 10/10 bro!
Thanks for clarifying the way we make the world would have had to be redone if he was the only one here
It’s so beautiful, Great job! but could u tell me which shader u used for the screenshots?