Published on February 22, 2017 (Updated on December 21, 2017)

Achievement World (Challenge) [Creation]

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update for 1.19?
can you make a update for 1.17 pls
update. there is 103 achievements now.
welp... 111
My brother is complaining about me getting the acheivements because he thinks I am a cheater.
You kind of are tho
Yea true
Does this world work for 1.12?
hello I’m asking the owner of this map can you update your map because there is now 103 achievement in Minecraft if you can you can move in near of an outpost so I can get the we’re being attacked achievement THX!
How do I get this world on my Nintendo Switch?
I don't think u can because this is MCPE/Minecraft Pocket edition/mobile
I’m not sure how to get the diamonds to you achievement. I’ve tried a ton of different zombies to pick up a diamond but none will. Can someone message me on Xbox live to let me know how? Gamer tag: LL Durden LL
You need someone else in the world with you lol and you throw a diamond at them. Zombies aren't players.
In Java it count as a player
Ok use a dispenser for the zombie to pick up
how do i insall this on ios ?
What did you use to make the map?
Universal Minecraft Editor probably. It's what I use to impress my friends.
Could you make one for the newer versions of Minecraft because now there are different ones like catch a fish in a bucket and etc
I made an achievement map for 2019. Links are in my youtube video. search my channel up "WalkinCorpze" it should pop up
Its good and all, and i know im really late, but why do i always get mining fatigue 3?? Its reaaally annoying. I know i might sound like a noob lol
There is a Elder Guardian in the map. After you kill him and get the acheivement, you will not get the effect anymore. Also there is milk in a chest to the right of spawn.
When is the update aquatic achievements going to be on this world?
Thank you so Much! This is very great! But, please make another achievement map for Minecraft AQUATIC UPDATE please.
Zekon i c ur here lol
BEST MAP EVER!i got most of my achievements the hard way.. but getting the last ones in here is so much fun! tysm for making this! This works fine on the Android Minecraft!!!