Published on July 10, 2021 (Updated on July 08, 2021)

Actually Additions Mcpe (Not Official)

Actually Additions Mcpe is an addon that will add to your game new armors, tools, structures, equipment, machines and decorative blocks among other things, I hope you have fun playing Actually Additions Mcpe V2!

Starting with the equipment, Actually Additions will add 50 new tools.

Six new types of armor.

Two new 3D items (Leaf Blowers).

A new mob drop item (Solid Experience).

A new item that grants the ability of mayfly.

Crafting is based on a new drop added for the bat.

New foods were also added.

Also added new rings that grant you powers.

the Principle of it all is the atomic reconstructor, which turns minecraft blocks into crystal blocks.

Also has the clusters that generate by the cave, when broken drop the shards.

also adds a new structure, it will only be generated on plains.



creator's permission.

video about the addon:


Select version for changelog:


Now "I hope it's the last time hahaha" I changed the beginning, in the presentation of the addon I had put in Portuguese.


Remember to activate as experimental options!


Supported Minecraft versions

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Is this compatible with vatonage addons?
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vou testar, se funfar nice dou +1 estrela
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