Advanced Machinery

This addon adds 15 new machines: sieve, lava generator, combustion generator, power core, void miner, solar panel, and mechanical furnace, and more. The energy in this addon is called RF (redstone flux) and it is transferred to and from machines wirelessly by the power core. The power core can hold up to 100,000 RF and it automatically collects and sends it to machines without needing wires.


  • Combustion Generator – 24 RF/sInput Coal
    Generates RF from coal (1 coal = 25 seconds)
  • Solar Generator – 4 RF/s
       Generates RF passively
  • Lava Generator – 30 RF/sInput Lava Bucket
       Generates RF from lava (1 lava = 40 seconds)
  • Void Miner – 20 RF/s
       Generates ores using RF (1 ore/10 seconds 200 RF)
  • Mechanical Furnace – 100 RF/oreInput Ore
       Smelts ores and doubles them using RF (100 RF/input)
  • Power Core – 0/100,000 RF (Sneak interact to remove)
       Receives and transfers RF to all machines within 30 blocks
  • Sieve – 0 RF/s – Input Gravel
       Separates useful materials from gravel

New Items

  • Barrel – 0 RF/s – Input Leaves
       Turns leaves into water
  • Matter Converter – 100 RF/block Input Cobblestone/Sand/Obsidian
       Turns cobblestone into netherrack, sand into soul sand, and obsidian into crying obsidian
  • Auto Farmer – 20 RF/s
       Farms crops in a 7×7 area
  • Cobblestone Generator – 5 RF/s
       Generates 1 cobblestone every 5 seconds (25 RF)
  • Vacuum Hopper – 10 RF/s
       Collects all items in a 7 block radius
  • Water Wheel – 2 RF/s
       Generates RF passively
  • Crusher – 60 RF/blockInput Cobblestone/Gravel
       Crushers cobblestone into gravel into sand
  • Chunk Loader – 0 RF/s
       Loads chunks in a 4 chunk radius, maximum of 5 in a world

Important Info

  • This is for version 1.16.100, it might work on other versions but I havent tested them.
  • The power core is needed for every machine except for the sieve and controls the power of machines within 30 blocks.
  • Multiple power cores should be able to work in your world, but you should only need 1 per 30 blocks.
  • Magenta Glazed Terracotta can be used as conveyor belts. They are a vanilla item and are craftable from smelting a clay block, dyeing the terracotta magenta, and cooking the magenta terracotta in a furnace.
  • All machines that receive an input can be interacted by right clicking or tapping on them with a specific item. They can also receive item input from items above it, but if it is busy then the items above it will be deleted.
  • Does not use player.json file, compatible with any addon
  • More Machines coming soon, recommend machines I should add in the comments, on my discord, or on my youtube.

Changelog View more

+ Added 8 new machines
      Matter Converter

      Auto Farmer

      Cobblestone Generator

      Vacuum Hopper

      Water Wheel


      Chunk Loader


* No longer uses player.json, compatible with any other addon


Supported Minecraft versions


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66 Responses

4.3 / 5 (23 votes)
  1. cyber buster says:

    Hey there great addon!Can i use it in my modpack?I will of course provide all credit and a mcpedl profile page link,and i won’t use any direct download links.

  2. This addon ideia is very great, but in my xbox one minecraft bedrock beta, the power core isn’t working and i can’t play with the addon

  3. MMalkeK says:

    How to put RF’s in Power Core?

  4. Pokest45 says:

    Idea: Custom conveyors that lead into the various power sources and machines and rotational blocks (blocks that point the way that you’re facing) with an input side and an output side. For example, if I were to place a smelter down with this idea, there would be 2 marked holes on opposite sides, with the “input” side pointing towards the player. If one were to place a conveyor on the input side, the smelter would smelt ores that come on the conveyor and then eject the smelted materials. However, if one were to place a conveyor on the “output” side, then the smelted materials would appear on the output conveyor instead.

  5. Salpaca53 says:

    Why do I hear enderman sounds coming out of some of the power generators?

  6. CLOUD MCPE says:

    This Addon Is Great! It’s Like Mindustry But Ib Minecraft!

    But I Think You Should Made The Conveyors Custom Blocks And Add Junctions and routers

    Because When I Load Up My Survival World My Glazed Terracotta (only conveyor terracotta) tp’s me, to what the direction it’s facing

  7. TheRealChaosK1d says:

    The conveyor belt doesnt work:(

  8. Dukenukem10000 says:

    Great Mod, If you could add the grinder from your basic machinery mod then it would be great.also maybe have hoppers interact with the generators. These are just ideas.

  9. THEDARKWOLF9669 says:

    Can you make it where it dosnt show up in the crafting inventory, I want it where you have to remember the recipe, or just tell me how or what to change in the code.

  10. TheRealChaosK1d says:

    I absuluty love this addon. It is very good, It works very well. But im not sure if the chunk loader works or not, But the addon even works on xboxone. So i have some ideas, Idk how difficult it will be to create them, But it would be amazing if you could add piping. For items and such, where you can connect the piping to lets say the void miner, And it will go through that piping in any direction. And also you could add a teleporter that can teleport players and entitys, and also with the seive. Could you make it so you can use multiple seives at once in 3×3. Idk how difficult those would be to create but there just ideas, i love the addon the way it is anyways. Thanks for creating such a good addon

  11. chillin-willis says:

    Can you somehow make a Redstone converter that converts RF to Redstone power?

  12. Riggan says:

    It’s a really cool mod, but the machines don’t interact with the ore or coal I have to do everything by hand and the Mechanical Furnace can only make iron for me how can i fix that?

  13. bramudyastudio says:

    Damn man this is the best machine addon
    I hope you update this man,i cant wait for the next update.Keep working ??

  14. BloxurloGamer says:

    BUENOS DIAS hermano enserio eres muy rapido hiciste la actualizacion muy rapido y eso es de admirar , asi sobre la actualizacion me parece espectacular personalmente me encanta la maquina de cobblestone pero te quiero comentar que las maquinas que transforman bloques en otros, como el mechanical furnace no funcionan como deberian pongo las maquinas como tu las pones y no nomas no se transforman se quedan ahi trabados los items deja veo si ise algo mal o que hay un bug en tu addon.

  15. Ushan says:

    When i get the combustion machine in my inventory it glitches and the gui dissappered.please fix that.

  16. It’s all good but I don’t know how to get the machines

  17. Fireball054h says:

    it does not work

  18. JonnyBoyGr says:

    AMAZING ADD-ON! energy related addons are awesome !!! If you ever can, make the blocks have unique UIs !! Aslo spme ideas: water and wind dynamos / turbines to create and auto sieve for spending… Also add sand and red sand to sieve and maybe make the power core a block?!

  19. is there any crafting recipe? 4 this?

  20. Neoncat says:

    What is the matter converter for?

  21. Sad_Line says:

    Can I make a YouTube video on it ?

  22. Neoncat says:

    Its not letting me craft or get from commands / creative 🙁

  23. Not_Neoncat says:

    It works, but I don’t know how to get energy for power core or any other things

  24. PTGamer666 says:

    It not working

  25. Salpaca53 says:

    Make the conveyer belt a seperate block.

  26. rApHaEL1221 says:

    Can this work on android?

  27. I will look forward to more machines

  28. Swann Channel says:

    Can you add Lit crucible and mulcher

  29. RookiePaw says:

    Does this addon work with other addons, like with your loot bag addon?

  30. McHaunty says:

    This is a really cool add-on, but why can we only smelt iron in the furnace?(I forgot what it was called) is it a bug, or intentional

  31. XenolithInGold says:

    Will this be added to Vatonage?

  32. endercraftying says:

    the texture is broken

  33. BloxurloGamer says:

    BUENAS TARDES: amigo el addon me encanto es genial sus mecanicas su funcionamiento todo, me gusto PERO….. hay una cosa que no me gusto 1NO HAY TANTAS MAQUINAS y si no hay variedad pues es un poco inutil comparada con la vercion anterior del addon asi que supongo que le agregaras mas maquinas o una idea una que mate mobs al caer en la maquina y que recolecte el loot y asi hacer increibles granjas. ESO ES TODO GRACIAS POR LEER.

  34. AcquiredWolf886 says:

    what does this addon benefit or does it even have a purpouse?

    • Vatonage says:

      this addon currently has 3 machines that produce minerals, the sieve, mechanical furnace, and void miner. the sieve can generate small amounts of ingots for very cheap, the furnace and void miner can increase the amount of ingots you can produce making it so you dont have to go mining if you are able to set up everything.

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