Advanced Storage Network v1.0.5

Advanced Storage Network adds a machine that can finally fix your chest problem. The Storage Terminal can hold an infinite amount of any items in the game, including all modded items. Finally, all your stuff in one place.

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  • added storage system security upgrade
  • added options menu to storage system
  • added storage system level emitter
  • replaced interact to pick up with pick up button in storage system options
  • import and export buses now stop when receiving a redstone signal
  • export buses now show real item name instead of item id when setting the export item
  • chat messages are now translated to all languages
  • made various small changes and optimizations

Supported Minecraft versions

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Great concept but the Ui need work. So much of the available area is taken up with working. Just use the same text number over the item that Mojang uses in its inventory. I have a massive chest monster and it would take forever to scroll all the pages just to fine what I need. Maybe rather then different pages in the UI make it so its scrolls on a single page. If you can do that this would be amazing.
Doesn't work. This is one of those mods that tries to prevent you from deactivating/removing it so you're forced to delete it manually. Scammer.
It doesn’t work on realms anymore it used and I have activated all experimental and it still does not work because when I hit the storage system it doesn’t pop up anything
what's your discord just in case i'd like to contact you?
doesnt work in 1.19 unknown pack name comes up
Provided '/modules/1/type' element has an invalid value in pack manifest.
Multiple conflicting modules detected in pack manifest.
Get from vanoage I think name was
when you have alot of items on your storage it doesn't seem it wants to go back into the storage device.
Sucks I restarted a world because I could put the stroage drive back in
Looks cool but i can't import behavior it says error