Published on December 21, 2021 (Updated on August 05, 2022)

Tough as Bedrock

Get your hands on the brand new update of Tough as Bedrock, this addon improves the survival aspects of minecraft with new features such as thirst or temperature.

Bored of the hunger bar? Wan't to travel the world feeling the temperature overwhelming you? Then this addon is for you! Explore the world paying attention to your temperature, be careful not to get dehydrated! This survival experience is not for beginners but if you are prepared enough. You may be able to last until your first night...

Addon inspired by:

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Compatibility changes:

-Removed player.json (please see the mcpedl page to know more about this change)

-Removed tick.json

-You cant have more than 1 000 000 people playing with this addon on the same world (you would not be able to even without it but this addon limits you to 1 000 000)

Other changes:

-The addon no longer works when you create the world, to start the addon use /function start

-If the addon stops working you can use /function world (this shouldn't happen this is a bug please report it if it happens to you)

-You no longer receive a free bottle when you start a world with this addon

-You cant use scoreboard sidebar when using this addon

-To enable optional features, use /function settings

-Improved thirst bar display and calculations

-Improved temperature meter display, animations and calculations

-Added starting protection: you are immune to extreme temperatures for 5mins when you join the world for the first time

-Added infos in the hud section of the how to play menu

-Added stamina bar (optional)

-Added parasites effect (cannot be cleared by drinking milk)

-Added canteens (netherite canteen name is hard coded to English)

-Added juices

-Added charcoal filter

-Added ice resistance potion and effect

-Added cold and heat resistance gear

-Added thermometer

-Added coils to regulate temperature

-Added rain collector

-Added water purifier (I cant implement animations yet, you can still get it and it will work tho)

-Added screen borders indicating extreme temperatures

-Milk Bucket now replenishes your thirst

-You can now drink by punching water or by punching the sky while under rain (optional)

-You no longer need to craft the vanilla bottle into a custom one

-Changed "debug" tag to "debugtemp" and "debugthirst"

-Improved code initiation and execution

-Fixed some things in the HUD

-Fixed bugs

-Known bugs:

   -depending on your screen size, and what GUI scale you play on, the custom effect might overlap with the vanilla effects

   -the craft for the netherite canteen using an empty diamond canteen doesn't work for some reason, you can still fill up the diamond canteen and then upgrade it tho


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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Please read the installation guide.
You get ice resistance and fire resistance in the first 5mins to help you if you spawn in a desert or frozen biome.
If you have an issue while using this addon on pocket edition, try to restart your world/your game or try removing the addon and adding it back.
This is my favourite addon in bedrock, i hope u upgrade it more and more, thx a lot and keep ur good work :D ❤️
This mod doesnt work on version the thirst bar doesnt even deplete and it will give you infnite fire resistance and is worthless i reccomend to try this on older versions (1.19.10 etc)
Works but somehow the fire resistance is infinite and the cold resistance is bugged kinda weird but still testing the mod

Edit:it is bugged the fire res and the freeze res is broken version
Hi there, I have play this addon for a while, I think it's a great expand of Minecraft world.
Now I'm building a public adventure map ,I want use ur addon on my map,but for the overall style,I probably need to modify the "fout" folder and GUI "icons" file, can I do that?
Do you have discord or twitter account?I would like to discuss this with you, thanks.
He Have a Discord Account: weero_tmd#3199
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Hello! So I tried this add-on and I'm having a hard time Activating it
I did /function start
The server was on experimental
And I see that the behavior and resource packs are in the files
But I'm having a hard time to tell if it's working or not
I declared that it wasn't that's why I commented
And I'm using a mobile version
So may I ask
Those this really works for mobile Phones?
Or only for PC bedrock players???

If it does work for mobile can you help me on trying to fix it?
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Excuse me but those this works on mobile?
Yes, Restart Your World if It's Not Working
usa player.json? quiero usarlo
Yes, But There's No Player.Json Version Too
Please read the installation guide.
You get ice resistance and fire resistance in the first 5mins to help you if you spawn in a desert or frozen biome.
If you have an issue while using this addon on pocket edition, try to restart your world/your game or try removing the addon and adding it back.
Me gusto mucho este mod e esperado la actualisacion con ancias y la verdas que quedo muy bien pero me gustaria que areglaran la tracicion de la flechita que da las traciciones de calor la de frio esta bien pero la de calor no tiene las animaciones , la barra de sed no se si no me funciona o cuesta mucho que se desgaste espero puede ver mi comentario , la verdad agradesco la dedicacion para desarrollar este mod esta increible, gracias
Thanks for your feedback but I didnt understand what you said about thirst?
Pues lo e estado usando y no se gasta la barra de sed , tambien puse el mod en mi servidor de aternos pero solo me funcionva ami no a los demas jugadores
temperature and thirst is cool 🥵🥶😰

How do i get rid of that dumb hud customization screen?
Tienes que tener tu vercion de minecraft de la 1.19.10 para airba tenia ese problema y estava jugando en la vercion 1.19.0 por eso me camvie a otra vecion y se soluciono espero te fumcione
For some odd reason my water bar will not go down at all like my stamina bar will buh my thirst bar wont and idk how to fix it like i did everything i was supposed too and im playin on 1.19.10
Try to drink dirty water, this will give you the thirst effect and you should start to lose thirst fast. The thirst now works like the hunger, there is an invisible saturation bar that will go down before your real thirst bar. If you want to be sure you can use "/tag @s add debugthirst" so you can see if it works, then use "/tag @s remove debugthirst" to stop the text from showing up.
Can I use this addon in a modpack (addonpack)?? (Im gonna edit it a bit though)
Please before asking why the addon doesnt work, read the installation guide.