Published on August 14, 2018 (Updated on August 21, 2018)

AdvancedMC Addon

This add-on implements brand-new features such as new villagers, blocks and items. Everything to make Minecraft more interesting and fun to play.  There are plenty of cool features included with this add-on which makes it suitable for a new Minecraft survival experience. Creator: JEBR_GamingTwitter Account, Website Updated: 21 August, 2018 (read changelog)

How does it work?

You can only obtain the new items and blocks by trading with villagers or by the use of different text commands. Two new villagers have been introduced to the game and they are called the Advanced Item Seller and the Advanced Block Seller. They are very easy to recognize as they wear orange robes and they spawn frequently in villages.

Bone Items

There are two new types of bones and they are called Wither Bones and Stray Bones. If you have some of these bones then you can trade them with a villager for Wither Bonemeal and Stray Bonemeal which each have unique abilities.
  • Wither Bonemeal: Immune to Wither Effect
  • Stray Bonemeal: Immune to arrows


Here is a list of swords which you can obtain by trading with the new villagers.
  • Emerald Sword - 8 Attack Damage
  • Redstone Sword - 5 Attack Damage
  • Lapis Lazuli Sword - 7 Attack Damage
  • Quartz Sword - 5 Attack Damage
  • Ruby Sword - 6 Attack Damage
  • Aquatic Sword - 8 Attack Damage, Conduit Powers
  • Blaze Sword - 8 Attack Damage, Fire Resistance

Power Gem

This is an item which is extremely powerful, so it's really something you should strive for obtaining. The first things you will need are 4 Key Gems. They are obtained by killing four different mobs: Witch, Iron Golem, Elder Guardian and the Wither Boss. You can then combine the Key Gems by trading with the new villagers in order to create the Power Gem.


Here is a list of all features and their IDs and data values, so that you can easily obtain them by using the /give text command.
  • Swords (yellow_flower 1, 6-10, 15)
  • Key Gems and Power Gem (red_flower 9-15)
  • Wither and Skeleton Bones (dropped by Skeletons), Bonemeal, and Bone Blocks (yellow_flower 2-3, sapling 6-7, bone_block 1-2)
  • White Sand (purpur_block 3)
  • Block of Steel (purpur_block 1)
  • Rough and Polished Diamond and Emerald (diamond, emerald, yellow_flower 4-5)
  • Chisel (yellow_flower 11)
  • Flashlight (yellow_flower 12)
  • Rough and Polished Ruby (yellow_flower 13-14)
  • Block of Flesh, Ash, Blaze, and Granite, Andesite, and Diorite Bricks (monster_egg 0-5)
  • Block of Ruby (quartz_block 3)
  • Block of Leather (stone 7)


Download Resources & Behaviors .McAddon
  • Apply the packs for a world
  • Create the world
  • Installation Guides

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    JEBR, you have my respect! If I could, it'd be 100-Stars instead of 5-stars ^-^
    Update iT please
    its broken it wont work
    This add-on is completely broken in 1.12 (beta) needs updating
    None of the yellow flower commands work, says they are missing.
    Can you not yell thank you.
    How dare you advertise my look in your profile pic
    I'm not able to get anything when i trade. I just get yellow flowers with no name.
    The textures for the items aren't working.
    How do I fix it?
    This addon needs an update on 1.10
    In my addon, the orange villagers is just a cleric, I don't find the item seller. Help me!
    Am I allowed to use this add-on in a video?
    Amazing mod! I have never seen a mod with such good quality! However, I cannot get status effects unless I am using something from your mod. I will rate this 5 stars if you can fix it :)
    why this not working if i do copy and paste for example yellow_flower 11 it will give me 11 yellow flower pls fix this and all of them :(
    A friendly passerby November 19, 2018 at 7:16 am

    yellow_flower 1 11

    The first number is the number of items you want. The second number determines which data value you are getting, which is what you need here.
    Please add these 5 new villagers. Spawn them you would have to use a name tag. The harvest villager would give you 50 different kinds of food. To spawn harvest villager use a anvil to name the name tag "harvest".
    The next villager would be crimson. villager would give you cool new potions. To spawn the villager use a anvil to name the name tag "crimson". The next one would be boss maker. Allows you to create custom mobs and bosses in Minecraft pocket edition with out using mods. To spawn the villager use a anvil to name the name tag "boss". The next villager would be a block creator. It makes custom blocks in Minecraft pocket edition without mods. To spawn the villager put a name tag in a anvil. Name it "blockcity". The last villager dyes lava,water,and milk. The villagers name is dyer. To spawn the villager use a anvil to name a name tag "madscience". You would use the name tags to name a villager to spawn these new villagers.
    plz Disregard my last reply
    Hi plz help I do not know how to get the swords and chizzles and stuff

    Plz help

    Thank you