Adventure Time Addon

Adventure Time Addon by HyperError303 adds new weapons, mobs, ores, and more based on the popular tv series of Adventure Time!!! It's time for you to be the greatest hero the land of Ooo has ever known!!!

First of all let's check what new features are added!!


The land of Ooo is well known for its colorful landscapes and funny creatures, you can find exactly that on the new candy biome. You'll be able to find some special blocks that will give you always candy, as well you know, everything is made of it. 

Explore this new biome and get fun fighting the new candy monsters, or recollecting all the materials you need to craft that weapon you've always wanted!! 

The first layer of ground is actually made of cotton candy, while the stone below it's made of licorice candy, each one will give you the material they're made of when broken.

You can craft both blocks with the recipes below or use the candies they give you as food. Each candy you eat, not only this ones but each one of the addon, will restore 4 food points (or two hunger lamb chops) 


On the candy biome there are 4 types of new trees, all of them made out of candies. As well as the ground blocks, they'll drop you the material they're made of. You can decide either to eat the given candies or use them to craft the blocks.

Cookie and Gummy Bear Tree:

Cake and Bubble Gum Tree:

Pumpkin Pie and Candy Cane Tree:

Marshmallow and Chocolate Tree:


Such as pumpkins appear randomly on several Minecraft biomes, Sugar Cubes and Ice Cream Sandwiches will appear on the candy biome, although, with a higher probability of spawning. They will also drop their candy form and you can decide either to eat them or craft the blocks with them.

Blocks and their drops resume:


In order to live in this new candy biome, several Minecraft animals adapted themselves to the big amounts of sugar. Here they are!!!

Marshmallow Zombie

Such as his brother, the normal Minecraft Zombie, he'll attack you automatically, and he can spawn with weapons or armor. Unlike his brother, he is actually able to spawn at day and do not burns when there's sunlight. Drops marshmallows when dead.

Pumpkin Pie Skeleton

Yeah sweet mobs are insane, Pumpkin Pie Skeletons also survive to sunlight as they do not burn, and they'll spawn all day long. Be careful with their arrows!! They'll drop pumpkin pies when dead.

Honey Chicken

Yeah, a new type of chicken that gives you honey when dead. They don't need honeycombs to produce it. You heard that, Bees!? Honey Chicken will run away when Bubble Gum Foxes appear, they really appreciate their life.

Gummy Bear

A single word definition: Adorable. Gummy Bear will appear all along the biome and they'll run away if attacked. They'll drop Gummy Bear Candies you can eat only if you are cruel enough to kill one of them.

Chocolate Bunny

Dark chocolate and White chocolate, the best combination ever!! This little bunnies will spend all the day hopping from block to block. They'll run if a Bubble Gum Fox appears. Each bunny will drop you a chocolate bar, only if you're fast enough to hit one of them.

Bubble Gum Fox

The terror of Chocolate Bunnies and Honey Chickens!!! They like to sleep and bother any tiny creature that appear on their territory. They drop bubble gum when dead.

Milkshake Cow

They'll give you normal milk if you use a bucket, but they'll drop a delicious milkshake when dead. Where do they keep fresh the ice cream? No one knows...

Candy Cane Bee

A sweet bee much bigger than normal Minecraft bees. They are fast but you'll see them flying around many times while you are in the candy biome. Drops candy cane candy when dead.

Mutant Polar Bear

A bigger and stronger polar bear that drops a special fur when dead. A difficult opponent if you like challenges. It will spawn on cold biomes as well as frozen rivers around the candy biome.

Creatures and their drops resume:


Two special ores that will allow us craft their armors and more!!

Jawbreaker Ore 

It spawns on the new candy biome and even though is hard you can break it even with your hand!!

It'll drop a Jawbreaker we can either eat or melt in a furnace. Although it will cost us several seconds to eat it, it will give us 4 food points such as all the candies in the mod

Once melted it will turn into a Malleable Jawbreaker, which we can either eat, giving us the same 4 food points a normal jawbreaker gives, or use it to create the Jawbreaker Armor. 

With the full armor we get a protection almost equal to a Diamond Armor. It can be repaired with Malleable Jawbreaker.

Alien Meteorite

It spawns on desert biomes and will drop an alien gum when we break it!!

We can craft the Gum Armor with it using the normal way to craft armors in Minecraft.

The Gum Armor will give us exactly the same protection a Jawbreaker Armor provides, which is similar or almost equal to a Diamond Armor. It can be repaired using Alien Gum.


Jake Helmet

Using Soul Sand and a Bottle we can craft Soul Essence

We can use a Soul Essence with 8 Alien Gum items to craft a Jake Fragment

Using 4 Jake Fragments, 4 Soul Essence Items, and a Jake's Sword we get the Jake Helmet. It can be repaired with Alien Gum on an anvil.

It gives us 9 armor points, and the effects of: health boost, jump boost, resistance, speed, and strength!!

Finn's Helmet

It can be crafted by using Mutant Bear Fur and repairable with the same material.

It gives a protection of 5 armor points and the effect of village hero!!

Nightosphere Amulet

Using Gold, an Ender Eye, a Blaze Rod, a Ghast Tear, and Magma Cream, we can get a Night Ingot.

Using 4 Night Ingots and an emerald we get the Nightosphere Gem

To get the Nightosphere Amulet we just need to add gold nuggets. We can repair it with golden carrots.

Once we got it we can put it on, it gives us a protection of 12 armor points and gives us the effects of: fire resistance, health boost, night vision, regeneration, and resistance!!

Ice King's Crown

Using an Emerald, Crimson Fungus and Poisonous Potatoes we can craft a Magic Gem.

With a Golden Apple, Soul Sand, a Fermented Spider Eye, Blaze Powder, A Ghast Tear, and Magma Cream we can craft a Cursed Apple. You can eat it but you shouldn't, it will give you a lot of fatal effects that will kill you on a few seconds!!

With this three Magic Gems, a Golden Apple, and a Cursed Apple we can craft the Ice King's Crown.

It gives us a protection of 10 armor points and the effects of: health boost, jump boost, night vision, regeneration, and speed. We can repair it using gold ingots.


All the weapons of the addon add an extra heart to the player when used, except the ones who add more hearts. They can also be enchanted, and they break easily those annoying webs ;)

Crystal Sword

Using Cotton Candy, Sugar, and an Emerald we can craft a Sweet Crystal

Using 2 Sweet Crystals, Cotton Candy, and Sugar we can craft the Crystal Sword used by Fiona. We can repair it with sugar. Makes a Damage of 9!!

Sound Sword

Using 2 Gold Ingots, a Stick, and 2 Gold Nuggets we can craft the Sound Sword used by the Earl of Lemongrab. It can be repaired with gold. Makes a damage of 9!!

Jake's Sword

Using 2 Iron Ingots, 2 Iron Nuggets, and Stick  we can craft Jake's Sword. It can be repaired with Iron. Makes a Damage of 6!!

Root Sword

Using 2 Iron Ingots and a Dead Bush we can craft the Root Sword used by Finn. It can be repaired with Iron.  Makes a damage of 6!!

Small Sword

With two Gold Ingots and two Iron Nuggets we can craft the Small Sword used by Finn. It can be repaired with Gold. Makes a damage of 6!!

Inactive Sword

Using 2 Iron Ingots, 2 Iron Nuggets, and a Stick we can craft the Inactive Sword used by Finn. It makes a damage of 6 and it can be repaired with Iron!!

Demon Blood Sword

Using an Inactive Sword, 4 Ender Eyes, a Blaze Rod, Magma Cream, a Ghast Tear, and a Spider Eye, we can craft the Demon Blood Sword used by Finn. It can be repaired with Blaze Powder and makes a damage of 20!!

Grape Sword

If you think the Demon Blood Sword doesn't worth it or you want a nice sword while you get the materials for it, you can craft the Grape Sword used by Finn!! Using an Inactive Sword, 4 Sweet Berries and 4 Purple Dye Items we can craft it. It makes a damage of 8 and we can repair it using iron!!

Leaf Sword

Using Minecraft leaves on a crafting table we get a single leaf, and using 2 Emeralds, and 2 Gold Ingots with it we can craft a Magic Leaf!!

Using 3 Magic Leaves and 6 Emerald on a crafting Table we'll get a Leaf Ingot. By using 2 Leaf Ingots and a Magic Leaf we can finally craft the Leaf Sword used by Finn!!

It makes a damage of 20 and can be repaired using emeralds!!

Axe Bass

Using Red Dye, 2 Strings, 3 Flint Items, and 2 Oak Logs (One Stripped), we can craft the Axe Bass used by Marceline. It makes a damage of 9, it can be repaired using Oak Logs, and it also works as an Axe, so it can break wood blocks. Wonderfull!!

Finn Sword

Using 4 Iron Blocks, 4 Lapis Blocks, and an Iron Ingot we can craft the Heroic Ingot.

Using 2 Heroic Ingots, and a Soul Essence (Crafted with Soul Sand and a Bottle), we can craft the Finn Sword used by Finn himself. It makes a Damage of 18 and can be repaired using Heroic Ingots!!

Gauntlet of The Hero

Using 4 Heroic Ingots and an Emerald we can craft the Hero Gem. Using an Ender Eye, 4 Emeralds, and 4 Soul Essence Items we can craft the Eye of the Hero!!

Using this 2 items with 5 Iron Ingots we can craft the Gauntlet of the Hero used by Finn and Billy. It makes a damage of 25, and can be repaired using Iron!! It also gives us the effects of: Village Hero, Resistance, and Strength!!


Using 2 Iron Ingots, 2 Gold Ingots, and a Skeleton Skull, we can craft the sword "Nothung" used by Billy!! It makes a Damage of 15 and can be repaired using Iron. It gives us the effect of Village Hero when in hand!!


Using 2 Gold Ingots and an Iron Ingot, we can craft the sword "Scarlet" used by Finn!! It makes a damage of 6 and can be repaired using Gold!!

Night Sword

Using 2 Night Ingots (Crafted using a Gold Ingot, an Ender Eye, a Blaze Rod, Magma Cream, and a Ghast Tear) and an Ender Eye, we can craft the Night Sword used by Finn!! It makes a damage of 25, and can be repaired using Ender Eyes!!

4D Sword

Using Crying Obsidian and a Bottle we can craft Portal Extract.

Using 4 Portal Extract Items, 4 Obsidian Blocks, and an Ender Eye we can craft a Compressed Eye.

Using a Compressed Eye, 4 Ender Pearls, and 4 Obsidian Blocks we can craft a Compressed Core.

Using a Compressed Core, 4 Ender Pearls, and 4 Portal Extract Items we can craft a Core

Using 2 Cores and an Obsidian Block we can craft a 4D Ingot

Using 2 4D Ingots and a Core we'll finally have the 4D Sword used by Finn!! It makes a damage of 30 and can be repaired with Portal Extract!!

Leave all your suggestions in comments and if this addon gets enough support I'll bring several updates of it!! 

It is prohibited to publish this addon on other places or infringe the author rights of it!!

If you want to review the addon contact me first through my email: [email protected]

or my discord -> Username: HyperError303#9600

Thanks!! :)


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Changed download links in description. Resource packs and Behavior Packs



1-Click on the link and wait for it to work.

2-If it asks you to prove you're not a robot do it.

3-Click on "Free Access with Ads", then on "Discover Interesting Articles" and wait 10 seconds to click on the "x"

4-After clicking the "x", click on "Continue" and it will redirect yo to the MediaFire link

5-Perfect, now you can download it!! Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!!


-If you are on Bedrock Edition you can download the addon through the xbox internet browser and use the app named "MC Addon Manager" it is completely free and the only thing you need to do is click on Import and select the file, then you open Minecraft and the addon will appear.


-If you are on Pocket Edition you need to use any file explorer app such as "ES File Explorer" to install the addon. You need to change the downloaded file name from ".mcaddon" to ".zip", after that, extract the content of the file. Put the resource pack of the addon on the "resource packs" carpet of the game, and the behavior pack of the addon on the "behavior packs" carpet of the game. The next time you open Minecraft both of them will appear.

(On PE there won't be a message that tells you the files were imported correctly, because well, you aren't importing them directly. Just create a new Minecraft world and there will appear on the resource and behavior packs section)

Supported Minecraft versions

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I like this addon very much, it is the best addon about AT.There is a bug, the enchantment effect is still there after taking off the headgear.I want to experience adventure in minecraft. You can add some monsters or features. If you can, please add some princesses. I like it.
why does the gauntlet of the hero doesnt have any effects when i hold it on my right hand, it clearly says here that it will give me resistance and strength when i hold it
Hi, I already checked and the addon works perfectly on that way. Maybe you haven't turn on all the experimental game options. Also, the addon somehow isn't compatible with the More Tools Addon, what happens when we activate both is exactly that thing, the weapons do not give the effects they're supposed to, maybe that's your case. Try reinstalling the addon.
@303HyperError303. I love this. To make something like this you must really like this show. This one is my favorite. I encourage you to continue this addon. I am working on a project based of the show. I shouldn't give anymore information here. If you have discord we can discuss further.
Yeah, sure!! My username is: HyperError303#9600
I'm Beter btw
I cant somehow craft the swords in creative mode, the mobs are working fine its just the armor and swords are not working.. need help
Hi, I already tested crafting the swords and armors in creative mode and they work correctly. Try reinstalling the addon and make sure you activate all the Experimental Game options (I think the only one you can avoid using is the Caves and Cliffs one, although the addon works perfectly with it too). Also see if your Minecraft is updated to the versions 1.17+, and see if you followed the steps to install the addon correctly.
una pregunta puedo aser un video de tu addon peor pondre el link a mcpl asi que queria saber si podia
Sí, por supuesto!! Estaré al pendiente de tu video ;)
Aunque debo comentarte que estoy por subir una versión en Español, así q te sugeriría esperar un par de días a que esté listo el segundo link de descarga en español
hello 303HyperError303 ,
I am HermitMira from NextPlume,can I sole agency your resource and translate it to China Minecraft Resource platform ?
It’s not for business or embezzlement,and i will give clear indication of with the author!
We hope more Minecraft players will happy!
Sure you can!! The only thing I request is that when you have the addon translated, let me create a link of Linkvertise and then I'll give it to you to post it. You can send me the addon translated to my mail: [email protected]