Published on July 28, 2020 (Updated on July 28, 2020)

Adventure Time Mystery


Want to go on adventures just like Fin and Jake? Then this map is for you to play! Each room in the dungeon contains all sort of challenges ranging from mystery cases, puzzles, mini games and even parkour! If your searching for a map with thrill, adventure and challenge, then this map is a full package!

The main feature of this map is the dungeon which contains all sorts of challenges with varying difficulty. Each gate on the dungeon leads you to an elemental kingdom (ice, fire, slime and candy) where you will explore and unlock one challenge at a time. 

Every time you complete the challenge, you will receive two elemental gems (one for the dungeon and the other one as your price). Inside the dungeon there is a whole where you will put the gems with it's corresponding color.  

I hope mcpedl would let you all play my map. Thanks in advance to mcpedl! 

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Can you fix where you spawn, im in the middle of nowhere and im not sure where the beginning is