Published on August 25, 2017 (Updated on November 21, 2017)

AdventureRobot Addon

Installation Guides

hate adfly? install adfly skipper on chrome web store
u click skip ads and accept and then u download
the texture of the robot has been packed up to the legs
pls fix
Lo quiero
Pls fix the robot I love this addon so pls make a update
The Pack was cool before but now its just shows messed up legs off the robot and the fire thing dosent Even work
Yes for mine also the same case
The robot was like a half robot because the legs wilk show but nothing else
How do I unlock it
Minecraft please help me fix it
I cant skip the ad can you give me direct link
Cool! but improve the outside design. The interior design is the coolest i tryed
I bet it’s going to be great
Sooooooooooo sick! Love it!