Published on August 28, 2021

AEcraft's Modern Furniture | AEmoderniture

AEmoderniture addon is made by aecraft; it is a small addon pack, great for kitchens, living room, etc; it is a block modern furniture for survival and creative, and it is perfect for decorating your aesthetic or modern world. 

what is AEmoderniture? 

aemoderniture is a short term for aecraft's modern furniture.

it includes:

  • Bedframe [2 colors]
  • Bed [3 colors]
  • bedside cabinet [oak, birch and spruce]
  • chair [oak, and birch]
  • coffee table [oak, birch, and spruce
  • counter
  • counter 1 [with cabinets]
  • desk
  • desk lamp [has light]
  • dish drainer
  • laptop
  • sink
  • sofa [left, mid and right]
  • stove
  • table [oak, and birch]
  • drobe cabinet
  • water dipenser

how to obtain?

it can be obtain on survival and creative

how to change the textures?

click or right click to change the colors/variants.


  • repost
  • use my models/textures for your addon (ask permission aecraft#0001 on discord.


watch my video!



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Great addon! Works with 1.17.34 Thank you!
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does it work on Minecraft education edition and how do u turn on experiment gameplay in Minecraft education edition?
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can you make a adfly verison? i dont know how to know linkveisve whatever that name of that
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All you had to do here:
1. Wait for 5 seconds
2. Read an Article for 10 seconds just don't click any of those then close
3. Download The Mod
4. Import the mod and enable the experimental features
5. Enjoy
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It just added some dirt block with some designs not even looks like furnitures.
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turn on all experimenatal features, ty.
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