Afro Puff's Vanilla Tweaks v1

This addon will make small changes to your regular minecraft game to improve your survival experience. It adds new crafting recipes, smelting options, and more coming soon. It is designed to feel like you are playing vanilla minecraft. This is my first addon so I hope you enjoy.

You can now turn rotten flesh into leather using a campfire, furnace, or smoker

You can also turn your extra flint into gunpowder using a furnace or blast furnace

It is now possible to craft name tags and all horse armor

Smelt sand, cobblestone, and stone faster using a blast furnace

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  • I changed the download link to make it easier to get


This addon works on version 1.16.100 or higher

Turn on Experimental Gameplay

How to download

Step 1: Verify you are not a robot

Step 2: Click free access with ads

Step 3: Click discover articles, then click the X

Step 4: Click continue to go to media fire

Step 5: Download the addon :)


Supported Minecraft versions

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4.5 / 5 (2 votes)
Hey man, please update it for 1.17
Also please give your discord server link
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Are there achievements enabled?
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Be kind and rate the awesome pack.
Btw I love the pack
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why does this require experimental gameplay?
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OverOrganisedAathenian February 24, 2021 at 9:26 am
Most Addons require this due to their nature.
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You do not need experimental gameplay for this to work, sorry i thought you did, but i just tested it and it doesnt need to be activated
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