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Published on June 02, 2017 (Updated on June 02, 2017)

Alex's Better Weapons Addon

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guys when I tried to download this then ma computer crashed and when I tried it again it said ''ur computer is crashing because u downloaded a addons'' and my dad bought a new computer and I will never get this again
Can't even get the mod because of ADFLY...
You can just skip the add on the top right so wait 5 seconds jeeze
bruh it redirects me to a page not loading error
In this mod when you go under the water it starts to kill you
The nuclear bomb doesn’t explode
It did for me
Sorry if this is too late, but are you able to try and fix the models for the melee weapons? I understand if you can't do it.
The sniper should zoom in when you crouch like some other add ons have but great addon????????
I like it but when i try to ignite the nuke it doesn't ignite (Im on windows 10)
The mod is great, but the sniper rifle cannot shoot that accurately and it spreads a lot pls change this
They didn't say it would be 100% accurate.
Can someone make an addon whith the knock back of wooden sword is increased a little
Just add knockback 2 to it
Please give me the link for ios
It'll work for iOS.
As some ppl have said, plz make a map where if yu aim the pumpkin will be on your head,with a scope texture pack.
No one even tries to make bolt action rifles with no scopes 9-9. They only make sniper rifles
Please update to gotta try this