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Published on June 12, 2017 (Updated on June 12, 2017)

Alex's Guardian Addon

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This is good addon help you ro kill hastle mobs
I tested to see if the Golem can defeat the wither nope died right away you lied and it's not big
His not so big its a regular sized normal golem
My guardian is not giant as shown in the picture.
I have already activated the behavior pack, the resource pack and experimental gameplay, still doesn’t work. the resource pack is the only thing working. ;(
So cool,the Wither has 300 HP and the guardian has 350 HP
100 hits lol
Does effect strength 99999 255
Golem dies in one hit
I love the mod, you should add in a more detailed golem so it looks better, ppl will judge by the looks.
cool addon can he beat witther storm
Nah The Wither Storm is more powerful and he probably cant reach the wither storm
Oh my Good
Editor, this is unfair. In 2016 I submitted an add on called Overpowered iron golem, which the iron golem is completely invincible, contains 25 storage slots, has a 15-50 ranged damage and tameable, you can tempt it with an iron ingot. The only cons are that the texture of the Overpowered iron golem is the same as the regular iron golem. Just because of that, you refused to post it on the website. I don't got a Twitter account that year. And this year, AlexFirey1411 made a almost same add on as mine, and it got posted because it has its own texture and AlexFirey1411 has his/her Twitter account... Totally Unfair.
It's different enough from mine, submit it again!
Try posting it again because that ad on sounds amazing.
My golem don't attack mob's and he doesn't move how do I fix that?
Go in:
>>My Files>>Games>>Mojang>>MinecraftBehaviours>>(Add behaviour pack here
Ender plays minecraft October 03, 2017 at 8:18 pm
You're not the editor
Armor and weapons are more stronger
Please make this Giant Golem can attack Ender Dragon :D