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Published on February 17, 2018 (Updated on February 17, 2018)

-505794890: All Biomes Seed

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This seed sounds good.
Maybe I’ll try it
Wtf this seed is made up fake the village has only 4 houses and it doesn’t has all the stuff that u “got” on the village
the seed is bad because i saw a cross in it so that means herobrine or entity303 is in that seed
XDD seriously? Thats a myth, its just a randomly generated thing that people decided to make rumors about
Mojang has stated that herp rine has actully never really been a problem they have smbeen saying that entity303 has been removed from xbox 360 not sure but it's really an urban legend could just be your console anyway what are the coordinates so I can check later
YOU. ARE. DUMB. Look I'm sorry, but those things dont exist. I have searched far and wide, done everything. They are made up by people like O1G for likes on youtube
You are stupid
If there is a skeleton spawner, can someone please send the coordinates. Thanks
1636, 25, -71
Is there a woodland mansion?
I made a seed review on this seed it can be fond here
Noice. Definitely going to use this on my windows 10 SMP. Thank you!
Wow great for survival!
Really nice seed!
Ravine at 1507,29,181 It’s in the desert and be careful cuz I fell to my death also sand is covering the top of the ravine
Cool seed you got all the regular biomes you don’t have ice biomes or mushroom or spruce still really cool
its great for building massive bases
MinecraftianJake May 04, 2018 at 8:53 pm
Hey guys I found the ocean monument follow or /tp this coordinates you will be inside the ocean monument 303, 40, 1292 that should lead you to the ocean monument
Thx so much guys for the Love and Support on the seed! :D
I mean " This guys has a lot of love and support on the seed ? ill make a world and do this right away!