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Published on June 17, 2017 (Updated on August 28, 2017)

All Mobs Rideable Addon

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A Guy That Wants To Play Minecraft Earth September 05, 2019 at 11:18 am
How Do U Ride Villager?
When I Try To It Just Says “Trade”
The Villager Has to be Jobless in order to ride it. So go around and destroy the Villagers job places and they will be jobless, therefor, you can ride them. Unless you're in and Older version of Minecraft, you can't ride them. You're Welcome!
I am riding a baby ender dragon
why is the wither intant death.
I can ride the armour stands XD
Why Cant you JUMP!?
It won’t let me ride the fricking villager... it keeps saying trade instead of mount

Could you try and fix it
このアドオンをyoutuber で動画にしてもいいですか?
I could finally do my piggyback ride!!! ?
Pigs are alredy rideable in vanilla minecraft, just tap it with saddle and use carrot on a stick to controll direction of pigs.
I cant ride the wither storm:(
There's no such thing in vanilla Minecraft, so of course you can't.
can you please make the Fox ridable
Wat about tamed mobs like tamed wolfs
The Vex is so fun since it goes through blocks and can fly!
Ridning a wither is funny But riding a ender dragon is funnier!
Lol i gad fun riding ender man can u plz fix it so that when riding wither or ender dragon they dont hurt u thx for reading i love this addon
There is a bug where the Ender Dragon flys backward and can’t fly it just floats on the ground please fix
Can u make it so u can attack mobs on this mod
when i tried riding the parrot but instead of riding it.......... it rode me
The only problem with this is, it takes away the AI for some creatures, such as skeletons, now they no longer attack or even move.