Published on October 18, 2015

-36599876: Almost A Jungle Village

Seed ID

We need to copy and paste the seed?
Id copy and paste need Gboard
i used it, excellent seed.
and you can also add that if you mine straight down next to the well in the village, you'll hit a cave with diamond nearby. still looking for an ocelot though
not only, but upon playing more, a nether portal placed near the town leads to right outside a nether castle! found one ocelot near spawn, an found another on the opposite border. i have like 15 cats now.
This sounds cool, but can't find it! :( Help!!!
Whoops! Forgot to mention the seed. The seed is


Thanks!!! Please mention this on the seed page that would be GR8!!!
We already got it: ;)
Hey I know a good seed!!! It's a jungle village at spawn, and it's blacksmith has a golden ingot! ???