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Published on February 14, 2017 (Updated on September 21, 2017)

Alvoria's Sanity Texture Pack [16x16]

This is a really nice pack if you like the style of the original texture pack but don't like the inconsistency from one texture to another. The designer (Alvoria) has gone to great length to make sure that the textures are consistent and at the same time retain the original Minecraft style. Personally, I really like the texture pack and found it most suitable for medieval builds and normal survival worlds.

Creator: Alvoria (original PC pack)
Ported By: MrChuyito15Twitter Account



  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Open Minecraft PE
  3. Settings > Global resources > Activate pack

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.


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Everytime I open the chest inside the temple my game crashes Pls help I'm using this MOD
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I'm a Beta 1.2 Player, the Pack Actually works but some items like: Armor Stand, Banner and Firework textures dosent works are all. Thanks
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Every time I try to download the .mcpack it takes me to a page with random letters. I've seen this before and it may just be a bug for my iPad.
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What maps are being used?
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Swampton and Skrimville: and random seeds.
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Can u make a terriaria texture pack with the villagers and the zombies and the monsters pls
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There's already a terraria texture pack on the page, just search it up and you should see it
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Which map are used in the 4th 5th 6th picture
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Hope you guys enjoy, took some hard work to make the textures compatible. ;)
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The port is not complete yet, I still have to fix some textures, I am working hard to get it done as quickly as possible.
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