Published on February 16, 2018

Ambient Sounds PE (Soundpack) Resource Pack

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Childeren under 18 don’t download this pack u wil get a sex site with 18+ stuf… bad mod
The download is broken
It’s work for me super good👍👍👍👍
Give me the mediafire link please
The Ambient bird sound wont stop whatsoever, it played when it’s raining, thundering, at night, in the ocean, in caves, ANYWHERE, please fix this or help me :(
Download link dont works
I click download, I click skip ad on the ad page, but then brings me to a page with nothing on it, it tells me that I' at a page but nothing is there. help
There it is,cool!
Notch i like his world i downloaded except the jungle
Your welcome everybody.
Your not the editor dude
I have full volume on and I can't even hear nothing plez fiz
I have some suggestions to this sound pack. For example when you’re underground, you can’t hear the bird sounds. Also when it is nighttime, you should make it so it sounds like there are crickets. And it should only make the bird sounds when you are near or in a forest.
Thank you.
For now, just turn down the Music volume in Minecraft Sound settings down to 0 if you don't want to hear the bird sounds wheh you're in a structure. (Ex: Cave/Indoors)
You forgot sound cave
Cave sounds are not present yet in MC:BE and hopefully they (Mojang) will add cave sounds in later versions so that I could modify it.