Published on January 08, 2021 (Updated on January 14, 2021)

Impostor & Crewmate Randomizer) Among Us Mira HQ (Update)

The all popular among us map "Mira HQ" Has been released on minecraft bedrock This is one of my favorite maps in among us and so I wanted to recreate a map. This is just a map with a working emergency meeting button. Soon a Polus Map might be released.

If used on YouTube or any other website please credit and leave a link to here! Thank You
Map. The map is fully created by me.UPDATE 2

To start go to the ship and to the right will be a button, click it. The button in the middle is to start. After a game there is a reset button on the left click it to start all over.

Lights can be sabotaged by impostor

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Updated YouTube video to view the map a little better from the first video.


Easy to install! No ads this time just a direct download. 

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i challenge you to make a 1.14 version
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Great work but wod this actually be playable with others
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Hey I'm happy you enjoyed it in a day or even a few hours, there will be an update allowing a crewmate and an imposter randomizer. So yes this is playable with others
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Hi! Can you make 1.14 (for EDU players) plz I will rate 5/5 and share
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