Published on August 22, 2017 (Updated on August 22, 2017)

Angels vs Devils Addon

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Its cool but they not fighting and the angel blow up to me pls fix it
Wow, another addon that replaces mobs, make it a new entity, not replacement mobs, Booooo.
Look at the time it was made this is not a new one it was made in 2017
Me too i hate that they replace the normal mobs
can we please get an update
The textures!!

There sooo messed up!
it keeps lagging out my Minecraft and crashes it
Me: “Dad can I get a mod that has bad textures”
Dad: “ok go to and search devils vs angels”
Me: “thanks” btw thanks for reading if you are have a great day thanks but really the textures are kinda bad again thanks for reading u have a great morning afternoon or evening
All my game does is keep crashing when I add the behaviour pack. Can you give me any advice from stoping it from doing so?
You should add a god.
Ya Your correct :)
That's a good idea
Its doesnt work, i cant resume at mediafire which must upgrade to pro, mediafire is suck
Great Addon, I Reviewed It On My Channel.
Woo!!!! But yeah it's a good Add-on
I did 1vs1 The Devil vs Angel and the Angel actually won
do you know how to make the shapes for the devil? What do you use? Can you link me the app or website? For example the devil, how did you make that shape :o
Anyone been able to get this to work on Windows 10 1.2 beta? Or is there a way to make it work on windows 10? Looks like a really nice addon I want to try.