Published on November 04, 2018 (Updated on January 20, 2019)

AnimaCraft Addon

This add-on adds various new animals which are not yet in Minecraft. At this moment there are just three new animals added but hopefully in the future this will expand into a greater variety of animals. It's really useful in case you want some more animals in your world, or just like adding new entities to your world, as it is indeed for version 1.9 and above. Creator: Reza112, Twitter Account Updated: 20 January, 2019 (read changelog)


  • Spawn anywhere
  • Drop Leather, Bone & Meat when death
  • Spawn on the beach & Frozen biome
  • Can be mated with salmon & fish
  • Become hostile when you attack them
  • Spawn on Extreme Hills & Savanna
  • Drop Raw Mutton when Death
  • Small Flying Animal
  • Spawn in Savanna & Jungle
  • Enemy by Chickens
  • Spawn Anywhere
  • Can lives in the Water
  • Spawn in Ocean & on Lands
  • Enemy by Cats but not Ocelots
  • Has three types (black, grey, and white)
  • Spawn in Warm Ocean
  • Attack you with Slowness Effects
  • Can back to water with gliding on surface
  • Spawn in Ocean & Frozen Biome
  • Replaces music discs
  • Spawns anywhere
  • Spawns in deserts and rivers
  • Red mouse spawns in the Nether
  • Can breed with Cheeses
Humming Birds
  • Can be found in mesa biomes
  • Don't approach them, you will be attacked!
Snowy Fox
  • Spawns in frozen biomes and snow biomes
Desert Fox
  • Spawns in deserts
General Fox
  • Spawns in jungle biomes
More animals coming soon!


Download Resources & Behaviors .McAddon
  • Apply the packs for a world
  • Enable "Experimental Gameplay" in the world settings
  • Create the world
  • Installation Guides

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    It's taking me to OOF fix that plsssss
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    I dunno what to sayyyyyy ooooo deer
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    Sorry but there's an add-on called Expansion + Add-on It's way WAY BETTER IT HAS LEOPARDS TIGERS LIONS GIRAFFES, so sorry for abandoning ur add-on!
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    What’s the name of it actually
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    Pls fix the mouse when you spawn him the game crashes
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    Can someone tell me why the same person copied another version of this addon and just abandonded this one?
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    Filipino Gachatube March 04, 2019 at 3:34 am
    Please fix a bug where all the mob eggs are black and you cannot spawn it in 1.11 plus the only thing that are not black and can be spawned is a humming bird an please can you add hornet,ant,ox,bull,rhino,shark species,different jellyfish,npc's,more custom biomes and etc
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    A texture pack wasn't downloaded with the mod so I'm also having the same issue.
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    Can you add
    Spawns in jungle edges and lukewarm oceans

    Spawns in savanna

    Spawns in jungle hills

    Spawns in any biome with trees

    Spawns in savanna and plains

    Spawns in savanas and jungles

    Spawns in rivers and forests

    Spawn in jungle edges

    Spawn in deserts and mesas

    Spawns in jungle hills
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    Please fix it, I can’t see the animals because there invisible
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    I can't see them either. Windows 10, latest hotfix - the items don't exist and mobs are invisible. The mobs render as 'Unknown'.
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    Nice Addon! i have an idea for aquatic mobs why not add the sea snake aka Black-banded sea krait it spawns on Coral reef biome it can both live in land and Water and its netural and it has posion effect if attack an player and it hunts fish
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    Some suggestions:
    -better textures on the animals (example: goats are flatly colored and their tail is off centered.)
    -Add more coloration to existing mods (example: more hamster varieties; black and white, brown etc)
    -Maybe even add new textures for original mobs such as cows (black and white cow, long horn cattle)
    -Make more animals leashable (hamsters aren’t able to be led)
    -make more animals breedable
    Really enjoying this mod keep up the good work!!
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    Maybe you could add a seal
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    Theelfpupandcatdino January 30, 2019 at 2:44 pm
    Lol way too long
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    Can and how do you tame the hamsters?
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