Published on December 16, 2014

Animal Crossing [64x64]


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Can u make a animal crossing texture pack that looks like new horizons?
Every time i try to import it to Minecraft it says “Failed to Import” Unknown pack name. Please fix this
Make a adfly download and make it mcpack so i can get it I LOVE Animal Crossing
I can't install this, can you make a .mcpack version?
It is not impossible to download.
downloading it isn't the issue. i successfully was able to change the file to mcpack and it just kept saying "failed to import" because changing files can make them corrupt. maybe if it was already an mcpack, i wouldn't have this issue along with several others who ran into the same issue
I can tell because you forgot to make the I a capital
Can you make a .mcworld file for this?
Mcworld version? I wanna play this on my iPhone
Awh~ So cute! I love Animal Crossing and MineCraft! This is just to cute! Thank you for making my dream come true~!
Hey cool texture pack
I like it because it makes everything look so smooth and beautiful
I almost died laughing when I saw Resetting was a Creeper c,: Thank you so much for making this!