Published on January 09, 2022 (Updated on January 26, 2023)

Animals Lucky Drop Add-On

This addon will add a new way to get items on your minecraft, here you will get it by killing animals, it will always drop a random item from minecraft.

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- Added over 200 enchanted items for loot on all 15 animals in the addon;

- Changed loot to balance;

- Increased loot to complement the addon and work in new version;



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hello, do you have a discord or twitter account? I wanna get your authorization for use it add-ons on my map building, and u maybe make a mistake on your "Many Structures Addon", I want to communicate with you, thanks
Sorry for the delay, no problem.
Is there a way you can make it with out using holiday features and modding capabilities because I’m on Minecraft edu and I don’t have the option to do that? Btw this mod looks really awesome