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Published on March 30, 2016 (Updated on March 30, 2016)

Animated+ Mod

Ok I'm sorry swear but this is fucked. I go in the zipped file to see if i can get it on my game and it says its for java. wtf, bruh.
Dude…you do realize this mod is 7 years old right?
how do i turn zip into download
To download pls listen carefully.
First. Go to Download (Mediafire).
As u see will pop out.
Then skip ad.
And youll see ur download link click ur download links and copy it.
Final one is to search paste ur download link.
Well done enjoy.
thank you for this.
Nice to Meet You😊 June 14, 2021 at 9:21 pm
is it working on custom skins?
Why is mediafire adfly and dropbox adfly pls fix this
Adfly comes before mediafire or dropbox. nothing there to fix
That looks deeply unsettling. Why would you cut him into chunks? Why would you jou just move the arms around on the joints, like almost every minecraft animator does?
Maybe cause minecraft doesnt have a circular rig for animation
there is a software for it but it came out just this year so i wasn't useble back in 2016
Pls tell how to download
Can you please update for 1.12.0 please?
How to install it plz I don't understand in the how to install mods page. editor plz tell me how to install this mod using zarchiver app
To download in adfly click the skip ad in top right then press allow 10 times then download :)
Use block launcher
Này chỉ hoạt động trên pc
Es bueno tal vez me sirva
I cant use block launcher, idk why but at the main time, i hope you could make the addon or texture packs to make this work for me, cuz that both are the only things that will work for my mcpe. Good work ??