Published on March 07, 2020 (Updated on September 21, 2023)

Animated RGB XP Bar + Classic Inventory GUI (for v1.20.30 and v1.20.40 Preview)

IMPORTANT: Read carefully before download and use!


A UI pack to make an animated RGB (Or Chroma) XP bar and level number!
It's designed only for gaming communities.

And no, it's not affiliated by Razer or Corsair.

RGB XP Bar features:

  • Animated RGB XP Bar and Number with total of 40 frames (Very smooth)!
  • For now, it is not compatible with external HD textures. But I have added subpack to select appearance between 16x and 32x bar texture (Make sure to restart the game to see the effect). ;)

[New] RGB Classic Inventory GUI features

  • Not only does it include the RGB Hotbar and XP Bar in the HUD, but it also includes all the inventory containers screens, with the appearance of Bedrock UI (Powered by VDX UI v1.2.9).
  • Now it is compatible for all devices! ;D
  • [New] Now includes every pocket inventory screens, yay!

Select version for changelog:


v2.2.9 [19 September 2023] (1.20.30 and 1.20.40 beta/preview) (Revised)


  • Added fixed position for mob effect in HUD.
  • Added "$max_chat_messages_in_hud" in "_global_variables.jsom".
  • Added clear text button for inventory recipe and creative search.


  • Updated for v1.20.30 release and v1.20.40 preview versions.
  • The version of VDX UI is now v1.2.9.
  • Fixed a bug where crosshair doesn't appear while playing in "The Hive" server.

NOTE: I had to update it again because there was an important change, now it is only compatible for v1.20.30.

The verification files for those who use the official APP are now updated for v1.20.30, the external links are already updated automatically (same link, but updated file).


Supported Minecraft versions


Installation Guides

Minecraft update 1.20.70 pls
Minecraft 1.20.62 Pls Update
Please update it to 1.20.50 please
Finnaly, Gay UI.
now i don't wanna install it after you called it The "Gay UI"
Do you have an earlier version?
this is hella unrelated but can you update goldsrc ui pack? its broken and many options are limited/straight up gone
Can you make it non animated
Can this work with utility UI?
Does this work with utility UI?
hi can u pls upload the legacy console ui?
Hotbar is gone :(
bro cool mod i always use this mod i love it