Published on February 20, 2016 (Updated on February 20, 2016)

Antichamber (Modded Map!) [Puzzle]

Hey, i installed BlockLauncher but I don't know which mod i need to install? Help!! And it will work 1.5.0???
Extract The .ZIP File Using A File Explorer.Inside the file,There Is A .JS antichamber.The .JS Is The Mod.
I blocked all the dead ends and got out
This needs an update, I wanna play it so bad!!!!
Oh no it's iPhone not iPad waaa why why why
So 0.16 added commands will it work for 0.16 or higher?
Can u gimme link of the mod? I need the mod theres no link to download mod plss gimme link
It's comes with the world
When I played this game on 0.14.0 its amazing! Now when I played it on 0.15.0 and 0.16.0, it dosen't work! Please tell me why, so I can play it again because this is wonderful!
I completed the map in about half an hour!
Which mods do we use give me link to the mods we need
Please read the install guide/info at the download link.
If I download the file of it its fine as nd the mods too but I don't know where the map is
Seriously i know how to get the mods yes but i need to know what mods are in this map
Hey, i just successfully installed a map onto my phone. But I don't know where to place mods through iExplorer. Anyone know?
you can place it anywhere
but you must apply the mod to the game using blocklauncher or mcpe master
Can u please make an iOS map for once not everyone has androids
Cool map and it is my first modded map in mcpe