ANTS! Addon

What could be better than ANTS? Just about anything I guess. BUT what about ants that are tameable, ridable, and adorable? Yes, different story now isn’t it! Your wish (as long is it’s a wish for tameable, ridable, and adorable ants) is our command.

These are the best things ever. Well, top 10 at least. Top 15…?

Soooo, what do you need to know about these cool critters….

  • Find them mainly in deserts, but plains and savanna also hold hope.
  • The smaller ants can’t be tamed but can certainly kill you; the tiny ants are weaker but faster and their sting is nasty.
  • The tameable ants are larger and have a green marking on their back
  • You can ride the tameable ants! Sit on them until they love you and add a saddle. You can also add diamond horse armor (ants don’t like the other ones).
  • They can fit through a 1×1 gap. You should see these babies tackle jungles and dense forests.
  • Heal them with sugar, apples, melons.
  • All ants love to eat wasps
  • All ants can sting
  • Ants won’t attack ants. Not even if you ask nicely.
  • This list is getting big (this point is optional)
  • They’ll never be as fast as the fastest horses, or jump as high as the jumpiest (is that even a word?)
  • Set them by crouching when you click on them.

Adding diamond armor to your nice little ant does these things:

  • Makes them look super cool
  • Removes all fall damage
  • Removes most (all, maybe) melee damage (skeletons, withers, witches, blazes, etc are still a very real threat)

Changelog View more

Added tiny ants - thanks to dinoking 2007 for the idea!


For Windows 10::

  1. Download the mcaddon file and double-click it to install. Minecraft should open and two packs (behavior and resource) should import.
  2. Create a new world (or click the pencil icon next to an existing world).
  3. Click 'Resource Packs' and select Wasp, press the plus button.
  4. This will add both the resource and the behavior packs to your game.
  5. Click 'Play'
  6. Enjoy!

For other versions please see "Install Guides" menu above.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.11 1.12

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30 Responses

4.88 / 5 (16 votes)
  1. UnholyChainsaw says:

    The Ants 😡🐜

  2. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Oooo I have an idea! What about a new type of ant red ants. They can’t be tamed and are hostile.

  3. How about a literal DRAGONfly

  4. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    How bout adding red ants whom are hostile and can’t be tamed.

  5. Child that plays minecraft says:

    Drones or queens would be a cool addition.
    Drones would have the ability to fly and when killed they drop a phantom membrane, but they would also do heavy damage and like the phantom they would swoop down and attack the player. They could be tamed using sugar, leaves, apples (and if you have the time) sweet apples. Craft them by using 8 sugar and 1 apple if you eat it it’ll hurt you but gives you swiftness for 20 seconds.
    Queen idea:
    Large ants very very large ants they’re rare and when killed they’ll drop diamonds, if you actually use my idea they should have 100 hearts and do a solid 4 damage to the player.
    The queen will be guarded by aggressive giant ants and drones. Queen ants would also have ability to summon more ants like the evoker.
    If you use my ideas thank you.

  6. Endermanhood1 says:

    Can we have dinosaurs that prey on dire wolves (or grass) or fennec foxes or maybe some nether ants that prey on pigman and can be tamed with quartz. I think 1 of them would be very cool (fox dens in 1.13 official release would be cool as well and I think they can vary on biome.

  7. Could you make a dragon addon?

  8. BoxCatMC says:

    I really do love this addon so much. Can you make it so the ants can crawl on walls like spiders

  9. WaxierQuasar784 says:

    Do u plan to add the queen and ant colony Structures

  10. MadKing says:

    Can you make a mount capable of digging that would be awesome and very helpful

  11. Anonymous says:

    Very nice addon MNO. Yours are always some of my favorites. I do have one nitpick with this one though. Could you maybe change it so that the non-tameable ants are neutral like zombie pigmen where they swarm you if you attack them, rather than just straight up hostile. Great work as always.

    P.S. I would like to suggest a jellyfish addon as well, but only if you want. I’ll probably end up using whatever Addons you put out anyway lol.

  12. Harrythemagician13 says:

    Ants huh? Cool one indeed! i have an idea for the next insect mob addon it is the Mantis The Mantis is Also Tameble And it can also can be rideble it Can Spawn in Jungles When They are killed they Drop Mantis’s Eye And Mantis’s Claw it Can Be Turn into A Mantis Claw Sword

  13. Realms says:

    Aye pal mno can nerf the ant a little becuase using it with other addons it can two shot some of those mobs

  14. Mikail Afridi says:

    I knew you would create a rideable ant addon, because what you mentioned in the wasps addon is that direwolves and ‘giant-ants’ can kill the wasps easily.

  15. Krabby7 says:

    Over all this is amazing! One thing I do ask is plz make it so we can see what our ant’s health is at.

  16. Josh says:

    Awesome addon! I have one question though. When it means ants love to eat wasps, does that mean the wasp addon?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes. It’s referring to the wasp addon that he also made.

    • mno says:

      Yep. The whole thing started because we were getting annoyed with wasps, but we didn’t want to take them off our survival server, and we needed a mob to deal with them haha. That led to ants, which were part of the wasp pack. Eventually we decided they were both good enough to kind of stand on their own. But yes, if you add the wasp pack the ants will go after them.

      I think we also made direwolves attack wasps as well. Can’t exactly remember…

  17. TheLucky0ne says:

    Make a lizard add-on!

    What it will have:
    •different varieties and colors
    •small ones are passive, larger ones are neutral
    •tamable with roaches (another new mob on the addon)
    •breedable with spider eyes
    •when bred, will lay an egg
    •are afraid sometimes
    •drops lizard scales
    •cats might attack them
    •sheds it’s skin when growing up
    •drops tail if afraid/attacked

  18. PZ9 says:

    does this add wasps???Seems really good.

  19. BoxCatMC says:

    Amazing addon!

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