Published on November 12, 2020 (Updated on November 16, 2020)


Hello all. Sorry if I have not posted a map for some time. I want to introduce you to my new map. Scroll for description. I will tell you all what this map is about. XD

After the nuclear war, earth filled by radiation, government has gone, many people died. Many things were abandoned. Some of the survivors are trying to build a shelter. You and RISALZI (NPC you can credit me and ask something with this NPC), have built a shelter too. Now you and RISALZI are safe and you want to build a portal a different dimension. After you and RISALZI go through the portal you spawned in a cave and you find a place filled with ash and blackstone, outside of the cave.

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I am add

-small base

-mining place

-give glass roof in overworld base a little improvement

Ok,thats it all


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Nice map! Also, would you mind changing the review for my map as the issue should be fixed. Thanks!
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