Published on June 30, 2017 (Updated on June 30, 2017)

Apollo 18, Return to the Moon! [Adventure]

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Bence aya gidiliyor.Çok ama çooooook beyendim
This is great
You can't really go to the Moon in this map like I thought! I am rating it *
I fixed it download is coming soon
Bruh,you can't go to moon even if you use mods so please dont blame the creator.
ur so mean u little meanie
im the same guy who said "ur so mean u little meanie" I was saying that to Minecraft Critic
It said "Failed to import, Duplicate pack detected"!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Почему у меня карта не загружается на сайте? (Ну и што што не загружается я нашел в отдельном приложении для поиска карт и нашел!) атак карта просто крутая... Но почему ракета не взлетает больше чем на 2 блока использовали бы хотябы телепортацию на плотформу хотябы похожею на луну.
Hmm... When you start the map you're in creative mode, and on the rocket it just stops and that's all... But you did make nice buildings, so I'll give you three stars for that.
How do I contact the maker of this map
Umm. Why isn’t the rocket launching?
??it’s annoying me!!!!!!!!
It really didn’t work for me... the rocket only went up a bit and it didn’t even get to the moon! Please fix this error.
The rocket just stopped in mid-air.
Pakek bahasa inggris dong kalo di situs luar negeri, dasar +62
This is really good! The only problem I had was that I couldn’t launch the ship. Can you help?
Does this work on Amazon fire tablet?