Published on July 01, 2021 (Updated on July 01, 2021)

Apple Into BANANAS

So I made this texture pack that changes apples into bananas... Its a simple resource pack that changes the texture of apples, golden apples, enchanted apples, and the hunger bar!


  • Apple = Green banana
  • Golden apple = Yellow banana
  • Enchanted apple = Enchanted banana
  • Hunger bar = Yellow bananas
  • Hunger bar when you have hunger effect = Green bananas

(Do not claim tha you made this yourself publicly, and please credit me if you are going to use this)

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Download the "" file, extract the contents of the zip file into this folder:"games>com.mojang>resources packs", open Minecraft!



  • banana.mcpack (185.7 KB)
  • (186.07 KB)

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Can i use this in my pack?
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Sure! But if you're going to upload it, make sure you leave a link for this texture pack that I made👍
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