Published on October 29, 2015

98932: Apple Village Island

Seed ID

No island exists. Waste of time.
hey you should update this since now its pretty much the same except its surrounded by larger land masses and the stuff in the blacksmith is
3 apples
2 iron pants
1 iron shoes
3 bread
1 iron sword
2 iron ingots
oh one more thing theres a ocean monument really nearby you should add that
Herobrine seed:10199234
I RLLY like this seed but when I spawned there wasn't a blacksmith and any islands surrounding it!
I've tested this seed multiple times because I find it useful when testing certain mods and texture packs. Make sure you typed the right seed:

Nice village, I'll check it out
Like dantdm? I like the seed to
This is a great seed, definitely try it out! Another great seed is 408051030 - there is two villages one with a blacksmith and lots of mines with gold and iron!