Published on April 24, 2020 (Updated on April 24, 2020)


Hello! Have you ever wanted more op apples like the enchanted apple? Well, you have come to the right place! For now, this addon will add in 17 craftable apples and the recipe for the Notch Apple.


  • Apples_1587619273.mcpack
  • ApplesR_1587619273.mcpack

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I was making something like this but i couldn't get the textures to work So may i unzip this and see what I'm doing wrong (I wont take any of the code)
Update please!
Add the Netherite Apple and Enchanted Netherite Apple then I will rate 5 stars. :)
I like this add-on very much, but I can't use it because of 1.16. Only 4 stars because of that, otherwise, as a great add-on.
Hello, I was wondering if you could add an apple that makes you run as fast as The Flash.
Hey I am making a video for my channel and I will put this link into the video
Apples wont show up on the creative inventory
Enable experimental gameplay
wow thats.. super op.
Yo kanadah, great job! This is probably as much effort as some as my biggest mods ever! Wow! Yojr learning and catching up fast! Cant wait to see your next mod

Ps. You dont have to but can you please consider nerfing some of the apples (and by some i mean pretty much all of them, and by nerf i mean really nerf, so uhm ye ?)

Besides that, great job! I am really proud!
Dont know who u are but thank you :D-kanadaeh
everything is so op, can u nerf ALL the apples? if u do then 5 stars to u!
Haha lol, I don't care about the ratings but I will nerf some of them in the next update. :)
I'll be honest, the texturing is bad but in willing to make you better ones, want the?

-Pichu from Discord
the only bad ones are the emerald apple and the hero's apple which ill be fixing on the next update
Good job
Nice addon! Could u make special versions of sweet berries too, just weaker?