By Editor
Published on June 02, 2017 (Updated on June 02, 2017)

Aquatopia Addon

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Its really cool. The ocelot becomes the boat thing but it wont let me ride it. I tried long pressing it with an arrow but it wont work.
Use the behavior! -_-
Can you make a flying add on, which makes the player be able to fly?cool add on though :)
A good add on, but it doesn't drive on water, but a cool mod!
Awesome love it the editor did good work keep up da good work PS I love it so much
Can u tell me guys how to import this addon pls reply?
You can find install guides in one of the menus. :)
This is so cool
I rather choose that the Aquatopia replace the boat rather than ocelot, because my cat in my room has become the Aquatopia. Nive idea tho
the spawn egg is an ocelote dude
Hi,can you make this Aquatopia vehicle two seated? It would be nice.
This addon looks amazing
It's cool first comment!
What is the spawn egg? Is it a mob what mob
Awesome mod Love it
Keep up da good work ;)
It can be useful for a theme park but can you make it floating?