ArcModern Texture Pack (UPDATED)

ArcModern by ArcStudios05 is a beautiful 32×32 texture pack which adds many new, different, and more realistic blocks to the game, while still having the classic Minecraft feel. Almost all of the building blocks, such as the bricks, stones, and glasses have been improved to a more modern standard. Additionally, it contains custom doors, paintings, and much more. This pack was designed for creations, especially modern and realistic architecture, and may not be suitable for survival. ArcModern is a perfect texture pack for those looking for a modern, realistic, yet undeniably Minecraft texture pack for their creations.

You may use this pack in any recordings/posts as long as full credit is given to The creators. If you would like to publicly distribute this pack in any way, such as on a map, please contact me at: [email protected] Thanks!


Creator: ArcStudios05 

Offroaders123 who allowed me to to use his amazing  Simple Sides  

Natural Mystic Shaders by PHO which is licensed under a CC0, which means that anyone can use, reuse, or redistribute it, with or without modifications, all without asking permission.

Changelog View more

Updated one of the links due to an error. See previous version for major texture changes/updates


-fletching table
-cartography table
-enchanting table

I also updated both pack manifests so that both packs can be downloaded at the same time.

Added more detail about why I’m allowed to use Simple Sides and Natural Mystic Shaders in the credits section.



If you experience problems such as lag and/or world chunks not loading (the world being invisible) with ArcModern TEXTURE+SHADER, please use ArcModern TEXTURE for best results. Thanks!


Supported Minecraft versions




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  1. Hello, sorry I didn’t say this before, but the shader does NOT work on windows 10. However, the texture DOES

  2. Guest-5449614879 says:

    Does this work on Windows 10 or not? 😛

  3. Guest-5326880494 says:

    Is it normal that my switch crashes when I connect to the world launch from the Xbox?

  4. Guest-5549016514 says:

    i love it good job dude keep making awesome stuff like this

  5. Guest-1896100416 says:

    i love it good job dude

  6. Guest-9348796594 says:

    i love this! me and my best friend had lots of fun using this in our worlds, i hopeyou update it soon when you get a chance for the nether update!

  7. Jeckdeth17 says:


    • Hello, I have actually not tested it on Windows 10 yet, but you can view the shader using the link in the description and you may find more information there. Please feel free to test the shader and tell me if it works or not. Thanks!

  8. Guest-5374430184 says: is very easy, just don’t advertise

    • Yes, it is very simple. And sorry, I was not intending to advertise, its just that a lot of people in the reviews do not understand how to use the links properly so I put that out to help.

  9. Hello everyone, please remember to only use the download links in the “downloads” section, those are the only ones we approve of and guarantee are safe. Please also remember to skip the adds and not subscribe to or click them. If you do that, you will be successfully directed to MediaFire. Thanks!

  10. Guest-4851329982 says:

    when will it leave for 1.16 ?? 😀

    • I’m not actually sure.. 🤔

      • Guest-9944142159 says:

        Really Good Texture Pack!!! I’ve never seen too much precise detail than now… Your one will be a great work! I love this texture pack! But can you design more blocks in this texture pack? (And later also 1.16 Nether Update blocks)

        • Hello, glad you like it! I actually do not have the ability to edit anything from the nether update at the moment, but when I have the chance to, which will probably be sometime after its release, I will probably update many of those blocks.

  11. Guest-5960251070 says:

    If you’re having issues with the redirect for the shaders just paste this after mediafire


    • Hello, that will NOT work and I cannot guarantee that it is safe. ONLY use the links provided in the downloads section, they are the only ones that work and they are very simple to use.

    • Guest-1327887139 says:

      you absolute legend now i can download this by just pasting this after

      • Guest-8452318254 says:

        You know the creator wont like people using other links and he can just disable the share link so no one can download anything

  12. Guest-6333095410 says:

    is this already all blocks or items in minecraft

  13. Guest-4520107038 says:

    Hello ArcStudio05! I really love this modern texture pack indeed! It really fits to my dream builds in minecraft. Hopefully, you can add more fancy blocks and more HD things. Here! Some 5 stars. You definitely deserve this!

  14. Guest-6819861529 says:


  15. Guest-6835823087 says:

    Please give a direct link mediafire because when I click to skip add, the link doesn’t work and it redirect me to a website.Please,the texture seems to be good but the link doesn’t work for me.
    I have a samsung galaxy a5

  16. Guest-2184440320 says:

    Excelente pack de textura , solo me pasa que no se ven los marcos:(

  17. Guest-1144664121 says:

    Please make a resource pack for shaders only.

  18. Guest-7282362482 says:

    This texture pack is almost perfect. I think it’s just slightly ruined by changing the cobblestone and iron ore texture, now you cant really use it in survival or even creative.

    • Hello, I made those textures different intentionally. The new textures are designed solely for building, especially modern, and cobblestone and iron ore aren’t normally the best for that. Feel free to remove them from the files in your personal use

  19. Guest-9016991212 says:

    Hello sir…the u know why this is happening?

  20. Guest-3531808507 says:

    This blanks out my game…..I’m using a Amazon 7

  21. Guest-4528046586 says:

    This is making my Minecraft invisible

  22. Guest-3380711232 says:

    I run an ad blocker so I disabled it to run everything as is but in Chrome you cannot proceed to the download page without accepting some risky notification. Yes you can skip ads as you mention but soon as the ad is skipped the very next page is an Ad-Fly page with you wanting to accept a notification. So I close the Ad-fly page as recommended by others here and the cycle starts all over again. I am not gonna accept notifications to an unknown site, ffs I dont even receive notifications for sites I do trust otherwise my phone/email/PC,etc would be locked up with notifications. I wouldn’t have time for breakfast let alone the rest of the day. I understand you need to be rewarded for your time and effort but make your product accessible at least.

    • I’m sorry you’re unable to comprehend the extremely simple download steps, you clearly haven’t downloaded many addons from here. You don’t HAVE to accept anything, it will give you a notification and you will have the option to accept or cancel. If it brings you to the page after, just click the screen somewhere other than the accept button to skip that. After that, you will be redirected to MediaFire.

  23. Guest-5426261577 says:

    Well done! I ended up having to install through iTunes and then to my iPad but it wasn’t difficult. My only issue is how completely black the night is. Great job, keep up the good work!

    • Thank you! Glad you like it. And sorry about the problem installing the file, the files on MCPEDL don’t install very well on my iPad either. Also, you can download one without the shader and all of the lighting (including the night) will be normal.

  24. Guest-6613030126 says:

    can’t get the link… :/

  25. Guest-4574443924 says:

    Whenever it brings you to add fly just close the page. But if you have a good virus protection it should close the page and gave you a warning. My virus protector did exactly that it looks really cool and a lot of effort. Also Suprecura craft has a link directly to MediaFire and look a little bit better.

  26. Guest-3081223820 says:

    Why is everything invisible???

  27. Guest-3181564430 says:

    4I install the textures but they don’t change in minecraft 🙁

  28. Guest-4750486739 says:

    Hi I really don’t know how to do this can you please help me it keeps sending me to my documents and I don’t know what to do.😭

    • Hello, it will not automatically send you somewhere, you had to have pressed something. It will send you to the adds page, then you press skip, then it will redirect you to MediaFire where you can download the texture pack

  29. Guest-2083684480 says:

    u don’t even need to change the link, every link i click with addons or texture pack is the same one so does that mean everyone who says it doesnt work mean that they dont have much addon? IDK

    other then that AMAZING TEXTURE PACK

  30. Hello everyone, this is ArcStudios05. I don’t know why any of you are having problems with the download, and I can assure you it’s perfectly safe and works perfectly fine, as long as you follow the same procedures you do when downloading other addons, just skip the ads, and don’t press subscribe. However, because there have been so many people unable to do that, I will submit an update with a new download link soon. Thank you.

    • Guest-3709178429 says:

      Can u do it on mediafire

      • The current download link already uses MediaFire, you just have to wait 5 seconds and skip the add and you will be directed to MediaFire. You won’t be directed to MediaFire if you click on one of the adds

        • Guest-6017212380 says:

          Remove the redirect, just put a direct link to MediaFire. There’s literally no reason to have a redirect and AdFly is NOT safe. All my security add-ons block the links you’ve posted.

          • Ummm, I have reasons for it to go to, and it literally brings you to one page, the page, the same one all of the other addons on here bring you to, and after that, you are sent to MediaFire. If you are unable to comprehend the simplicity of downloading addons, and can’t resist clicking add which may bring you to unsafe places, please don’t download this

    • Guest-7858978831 says:

      “unable to comprehend the simplicity” or maybe you just don’t realize that you have to go through 3 different sites with these redirects. ranbonico, fiahram, then maybe you’ll get to AdFly. Whatever reason you have for adding a useless redirect is not good enough.

      • Listen bud, this is very simple, this pack has been downloaded by over 8,000 people who all were able to bypass the adds, if you don’t understand how to do that, just don’t download it. And the redirect isn’t useless, I have many reasons to use it.

  31. Guest-5107439101 says:

    Don’t download it guys! It appears nothing than ads. There’s nowhere a download to find. Just a dangerous homepage with an ad that loads virus on your device.

  32. Anonymous says:

    My browser is flagging this site with a security error. Sorry, not taking the chance that someone, not you, has done something bad with this file…

    Google Safe Browsing recently found harmful programs on

    If you understand the risks to your security, you may visit this site before the harmful programs have been removed.

    • whutwasidooing says:

      Thought I was logged in before, now I am.

    • Guest-4104920398 says:

      That’s weird, it works perfectly fine for me, just like all the other downloads… you just have to skip the adds

    • Hello, you should never have tried to visit, that was probably an add that you clicked. Please just skip the adds and you will be directed to MediaFire. Thanks

  33. Guest-2691611231 says:

    He means that adfly is dangerous and sometime doesnt work

  34. Jeckdeth17 says:


  35. Guest-9635875302 says:

    How can i download it it says zip file and cant archive in my minecraft im using ios iphone 6 plus

  36. Guest-8299336015 says:

    no add it DIRECTLY to mediafire because it never works it redirects me to blocked websites

  37. Guest-6793590729 says:

    Please upload this to MediaFire or some other trusted media sharing service, these redirect links never work and are extremely unsafe.

  38. Guest-1184452592 says:

    It’s not working for me the blocks dose not appear for me please fix it because I lover it and its look cool for building

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