Published on October 11, 2017 (Updated on October 11, 2017)

Ares-I - Mission to Mars [Adventure]

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Really awesome map, fully worked for me! No problems, except for leaving after the end of the minecart ride and ending up in the iss. Great map ?
really great!
Guys this is sort of creepy: NASA is launching a mars space program named... You guessed it - Ares I - This map came out a long time before those plans became public. Does NASA play Minecraft? Seriously think about it
Rocket no work.
Yes me too don't work
I can’t get to the ISS because the rocket will go up but only once.
Great! Though, the rocket wouldn't go all the way up..... 'Gonna fix that problem? But good map though!
When I press launch, nothing happens. I think it’s because the command blocks say -1, and in this version that doesn’t work.
Nice map but I liked the first version when it first came out. There were no bugs at all. Now the launching process doesn’t work and somehow, I can’t get off at Mars. So I broke out of the capsule only to find tat after I planted the flag, I couldn’t go back. Please fix these bugs. Other than that perfect job. I am a space fan so I luv this type of maps! Please make more!
I downloaded both his maps but they don’t work when I launch
My game crashes when I launch and when I land in lander. Won’t let we go back home after I plant flag
I couldn't figure out how to fix the launch itself, but you can fix the teleportation at the launch by changing the command block (before you press the button) on the left of the rocket to say:

tp @a 252 15 411 ~ ~

And that should get you to the new area where you were supposed to be launched too. You miss the cool launch sequence but at least it's something.
It doesnt work for me I stayed at the window at blast off but it doesn't flipin work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ??????????????????????
When I press the button it won’t work
Love it! Awesome!