Published on April 12, 2020 (Updated on April 14, 2020)

Ariska Citadel

A creation map with Easter eggs scattered around 

Great to role play with your friends, play hide and seek, or maybe use as a survival world

With details furniture, Landscaping with ponds and sakura trees.

A colab project i've been doing with my friend.

The map can be use as an survival world, or for a server that you can role play with your friends, hide and seek too maybe.

Map Features:

- The whole citadel is built block by block with no tools used

- Houses and Castles are fully furnished 

- Everything is detailed to rocks and pebbles 

- beautiful landscapes and special buildings.

- aside from the amazing view the map consists Easter eggs (.hint : they're under the water ) that will show you the story of the Citadel

- I personally recommend using shaders and turn brightness to 45 because the lights distance has been designed to look fantastic with shaders on.

Select version for changelog:


Bug fixes : Fixed the file corruption.

- install guide should be clearer


Click the link then wait for the ad to load for 5-8 seconds

Then click skip 

If there's another ad page then wait for about 10 - 15 sec it'll automatically redirect you to the download site

Open the downloaded file and it should be imported into your game

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

PRODUCER, the link doesn't work for me, so can you please send me the link in the comments here?
Guest-5316508027 May 07, 2020 at 9:53 am
I think this is the best Japanese style'd map I've ever seen, you should make more creation like this!, And I love the little Easter egg you put in the small cave, I got here from discord lol
Yes mcpedl has approved the update it should be working now
Sure thing as long as you cite me as the original creator
Hello, producer?
I want to get the exclusive license to reprint this map in China
Please reply if you can.
Or contact my mailbox:[email protected]
File corruption fixed in the next update.
Now we wait for Mcpedl to authenticate the update :b
- sorry people that's my fault
SO is it ready to download?
Yes mcpedl has approved the update it should be working now
Looks cool but says import failed
I've foubd the error and will fix it right away
When I import it, it says import failed. What do I Do?
I’ve found the error and will fix it right away
b/////itch a$$ Nlgg3r
Every time I try to download it, it downloads fine and opens it in the game. But after that, it says that the import failed. What do I do?
Sorry the fault is mine the file has an error, i'll fix it right away
The link doesn't redirect to the download site
Just try a few more times
Sometimes it show ads more than once
When I import it into minecraft, it says it failed. What do I do? :(
I’ve foubd the error and will fix it right away
Mcworld pls?
I'll use the file soon ;))
Thanks for reminding me
Thank you it looks incredible in the photos so I wanna check it out
I've updated it into .mcworld
The update is waiting for authentication.