Published on December 28, 2016 (Updated on January 05, 2017)

Batman: Arkham Knight Batcave [Creation]

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Could you also make wayne manor? If not this was very good
Can i use this as my mod test lab for youtube?
Did you know that Adam West died Rest In Peace Bright Knight 1928-2017
So Who cares? I Love Batman
Can you do a batcave from 1966-2021 wish is do it until the Batman moviegoers out in 2021 airs
there wasn't even a batcave in arkham knight
The map is great, but just to let you know there is not a batcave in Batman Arkham Knight. I know this because I have the game.
The map is in a challenge map, XD
The world always crashes when I try to go in it.
Yeah me too
true true true
When is the next update I can’t wait any longer
Please add a texture pack to make a bat suit like the one from the dark knight or Batman v Superman and make a enderplearl a grappling hook a snow ball a baterang that takes damage and add the cape to the chestplate with a mask where you can’t see the persons face and add the joker or bane or the riddler or catwomen or ra sa gul orred Hood and two face and add Wayne manor and Alfred and all the robins and ace the bat hound
If you are being serious about this, that is way too much to ask for. This guy didn't make any add-ons for the map. Odds are that he or she doesn't know or have the time to make any of this. If you think he or she can do all of that, then do it yourself. Also, you could probably go and find mods that meet your demands.
Everything you said up until catwoman is in a behavior and resource pack addon dumbass, and you are asking way to fricking much, this dude has a life, I don't know if you even have enough brain cells to comprehend that, but this dude made a batcave, and if that's not enough, well make your own then dipshit
You should make the huge doorway for the batmobile openable and closeable with pistons. Put a lever right outside the doorway and when you flick it, it will open and close.
Hi I’m awayne99 new big update the batcave and wayne manor LINK FOR THE DOWNLOAD
Could you please make it for .mcworld because I am on Windows 10 :3
Guys this is the best map ever....not laggy based on a great hero...guys add me tag:skeleton6272