Published on December 13, 2020 (Updated on February 01, 2021)

Armor Expansion (Winter Update)

Armor Expansion it's a add-on that adds 8 new armors to Minecraft BE. each armors counts with an only and unique abilities. This changes depending the material of the armor

First, you need to make a new block:

Armor table

From make the armors you need to craft a new crafting table

Now, we can make the armors

armor list:

Coal armor

The coal armor has the ability to bright when you have a torch in the hand


Lapis armor

The lapis armor gives effects meanwhile your xp increase

5-10 xp: speed

15-20 xp: jump boost

25-30 xp: resistance


Redstone armor

The redstone armor gives speed 2, this armor can glow like the enferman eyes and you can't see when the armor is enchanted


Turtle armor

The turtle armor gives protection and slowness like the turtle master potion (the helmet gives water breathing), you need this armor for a new and better armor. You can craft this armor in the normal crafting table


Shulker armor

The shulker armor gives protection when you sneak, but, you can't walk meanwhile you're sneaking


Prismarine armor

The prismarine armor gives conduit power and you're immune to the poison effect, also, you can give poison to the most certain mobs. You have a change to obtain poison for 3 seconds when you unequip the armor.

You can move more faster in the water and breath in the water


Guardian spike

The guardian spike it's a new loot from the guardians and elder guardians. It's necessary from craft the prismarine armor.

Ice armor (special armor)

The ice add-on gives slowness 4 from any mob around you and gives speed 6 to the carrier (this because you obtain slowness too).

You can find this armor on igloo chest, taiga village chest, armorer chest and snow village chest, sometimes can appear the complete armor or just appear some parts

Hidden armors

The hidden armors need the materias from another addons to be crafted

Bismuth armor

  • You need the bismuth from Minecraft upgrade [ Add-on link ]
  • Gives regeneration 2

Wither bone armor

  • You need the bone armor from primal technology [ Add-on link ]
  • Gives wither immunity

From see the armor recipes you need to install the add-ons and see the recipes from the armor table

You can see the recipes in the recipes inventory

Select version for changelog:

Now, you can download the add-on with a MediaFire link


When you put the add-on be sure that you activate the next things:

  • Activate all experimental gameplay
  • Be sure that you in the 1.16.200 (if you're in the 1.16.210 the add-on don't works)
  • If you put an add-on, put the add-on in first place from avoid mistakes


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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4.48 / 5 (25 votes)
Needs an update for 2021, then it's be genuinely great!
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If you update this pack to fix the bugs, this will be the best armor pack hands down. The lapis armor for example is amazing. Please dont lose your chance
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12345678987654321 July 06, 2021 at 7:01 pm
and it is uncraftable
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12345678987654321 July 06, 2021 at 7:00 pm
plz update to 1.17 QAQ
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12345678987654321 July 06, 2021 at 7:30 am
plz update to 1.17.2QAQ
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The crafting recipes don’t work
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crafting table doesnt work and why did i spawn with slow 7 and speed 6?
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Nao consigo fabricar a bancada de armadura, o craft nao funciona ;-;
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Amazing Job! This will pair perfect with the Minecraft Upgrade addon! Can't wait to see what you whip up in the future!
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There is a bug to do that when you have a piece of armor with effects and then take it off you continue to have the effect I don't know if you can solve that
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I really like this mod but there are a couple things I want to address. The addon is great but please fix the armor table, you can't get it at all, you can't craft it or use /give. And the other thing is really just a pet peeve but I still want to mention it, with the partner mods (Nether Upgrade and Prehistoric) we recently got the new community based character creator items and for some reason the partner mods don't allow you to use your skin with the more special 3D models. So great mod, but a couple of bad things. Still worth it so, if I could, 4.5 Stars.
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CHORFI ABDERRAHMEN March 12, 2021 at 12:23 pm
Can you add sponge armor and lavasponge armor from lava sponge mod.
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Can you make the armor table? the armors appear and the effects work, but it sucks to use cheats for the armors
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Awesome addon but what is this JEI style creative inventory
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