Published on December 13, 2020 (Updated on May 19, 2023)

Bedrock Armor Expansion (Armor Expansion Rework)

Bedrock Armor Expansion it,s a rework from the old armor expansion, this new rework adds a new fresh desing from items, blocks, armor and skills.

This addon adds a lot of new armors that have unique effects when you have the entire armor

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Changelog 0.20

The spring update:

  • Added springtrap armor

Improved armor table:

  • Added custom UI to the armor table
  • Added armor prints: Now you need this items to craft armors

Improved armors:

  • Amethyst armor: Now, when you take damage, all the mobs around three blocks will receive damage
  • Coal armor: Now, you can emit light when you walks. You can melt raw ores when you sneak and have coal in the inventory
  • Ice armor: Now can make ice paths in the water. When you thrown a snowball, they can gives slowness to the mobs. The ice armor, now is craftable
  • Prismarine armor: Now, when you hurt by a mob, they will obtain poison
  • Quartz armor: Now, you can obtain five extra hearts
  • Redstone armor: Now, you can activate redstone meachanims, just when you're close of an repeater or redstone torches

Bug fixes:

  • The emerald armor now works well
  • The lapis armor now gives effects after reach xp '50' and '100'
  • The turtle armor can be crafted


Installation Guides

Can you make a fnaf 6 heads texture pack with only molten Freddy, lefty, Scraptrap, and scrap baby? I really wanna make a map but I can't find any think with fnaf 6 heads for bedrock...could you please make it?
make springlock suit give fire resistance for epicness
Could you make a full-on FNAF addon and don't F4 the eyes color like you did with your heads texture pack
Same with Bonnie's color the old one was a too childish darkish blue
for me it had a message saying that there were like 10 errors aswell
doesnt work for me i activate it but there is nothing added
As of May 25 I am receiving errors of certain 2 lines of code not being found.
Muhammed-78658658586 May 23, 2023 at 11:48 am
so how do i take off the sprintrap armor ?
You need to receive damage to break the armor and set you free from the springlocks, this to mantain the logic of the springlocks
Muhammed-78658658586 May 24, 2023 at 1:47 am
Does getting springlocked make any noises? I want to be able to prank a friend who doesn’t know about FNaF
love the mod, its amazing but i dislike the feet and its a little buggy but over all great mod
When will this be compatible with 1.19?
No me aparece la mesa de crafteo y puse todo bien? alguien sabe porque? juego desde servidor aternos tengo todo activado..
no esta actualizado el addon
Hello, author, can I get your authorization to upload this module to the Chinese version of My World?
This guy is a bot
Realm compatible?
I'm not sure, i can't test on realms