Published on August 07, 2022 (Updated on November 15, 2022)

Explosives - Army Addon Updated

Would you like a bit of Army with your Minecraft? Well, this is the addon for you! We have Guided Missiles, Army Tanks, Air Raids, Explosives (Fire Bomb, Dynamite, Thermite, Crazy Big Bomb), Hummers, Snipers, Jeeps, Pillager Paratroopers and a whole lot more. This fourth (of many) release introduces Flamethrower Soldiers and Guided Missiles.

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Added the following explosives:

  • Fire Bomb
  • Dynamite
  • Thermite
  • Crazy Big Bomb

Some minor changes:

  • Reduced sniper attack (again)
  • Reduced sniper spawn rate (again)
  • Army Tank rounds no longer cause fire
  • Fixed missing textures on Jeep (thanks to 方狼BlockWolf16)


Installation Guides

Can you add more units for the pillagers and villagers
Like for example villager snipers,pillager assaults,villager flamethrower,NPC tanks and maybe revamp the skins of the paratroopers like 3d helmets and that stuff
How do I get a normal motor and wheels in survival?
Please never add guns so we can use our own
Hello, creator, can I get your authorization to upload all your add-ons to Netease My World?
Stop ur scam, that just makes money for u not for creator
Are you sure this is a good idea? With the Ukraine thing going around?
"are you sure creating a food addon is a good idea with all the people starving in the world?"

bruh, stop problematizing everything you see, this addon is just for fun, there is literally nothing wrong with it

Hello, i tested the mod and i loved it so i made the showcase
super OP!!!!
What modding software did you use?
dude this isnt xbox he just went into the files and put the rp/bp in the right folders.
This mod is very good! ho2ever, i was wondering if you could make a mod with sirens only? which you could turn on and off, and you could hear far away? i cannot find any mod that can do that, could you please try and do it? thanks!
this is skyfactory modpack version 7, if anyone wanted the updated version

www .
ayo yall make this five star
You've Future